Karen Menke Kingwood Observer LTE ‘Shocked By Gun Bills’

Karen Menke

Karen Menke Kingwood Area Democrat GOP Republican Gun Karen Menke, our own Kingwood Area Democrat, wrote to the Kingwood Observer to provide her view on the gun shenanigans in the Texas State Legislature. Karen’s voice is definitely in sync with most of her neighbors albeit more studied. She is the voice of many Texans who are tired of the backward thinking and dangerous Republican politicians.

Karen Menke is the Vice President of Kingwood Area Democrats. She is very active in her church and the community.  She opens her home for various organizations to use to make her community a better place.

Karen’s husband Bruce (which means Karen as well) was named the Team Leader of the Humble/Kingwood Battleground Texas Neighborhood Team. She is instrumental in the efforts to turn the Kingwood/Humble are blue. Karen’s purpose is not doing this solely for the sake of turning her area blue. She is doing it for the values that would be reflected in moral and ethical middle class policies that would be effected after such eventuality.

It will take the dedication of hard working Democrats in this area and throughout the nation to get this job done. Karen is doing her part. Are you doing your part?

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