March 30, 2015


Michelle Michon TWACMichelle Michon is the founder of the group and Facebook page Texas Women Action Committee (TWAC). In less than one year she has singlehandedly reached almost 7,500 women all over the United States and the world.

Ms. Michon says:

The Texas Women’s Coalition’s mission is to advocate for women’s issues in Texas. We will promote Voter Registration as this is a vital component for women to have a voice in this State. Together we are stronger.

I knew Ms. Michon had reach when one of the Coffee Party Board of directors referenced her page in one of our meetings as a place to get information on what’s going on with women issues and with issues that affect women in Texas and throughout the country.

Ms. Michon will start blogging periodically to highlight prescient issues and issues that affect Texas women and women throughout the country. Below is her first TWAC blog post.



by Michelle Michon, Texas Women’s Action Committee (TWAC)

TWAC Michelle MichonI’m a pissed off Texas Woman and I VOTE. This is a message echoing around the state and the Republicans should take heed. It’s not only women, there are the men who love us and support women’s rights, actively ready to vote.

For my first “blog” I’m not going to quote stats and offer references to facts. One, if you’re a Progressive, you have pretty much seen them before and if you’re a Republican “Rock” there’s absolutely no source I could provide that you’d accept anyway. I’m not going to waste my time on your thick skull.

In a not-so-distant past, most women had the false perception that we were already equal in the eyes of the law. The fact that the Equal Rights Amendment was and is still something worth fighting for escaped us in our busy lives. I have the Republicans to thank for shattering that misconception and bringing our focus back to our sad reality. You’ve given us reason to take up that fight once again.

There was a time when you could vote for a woman regardless of Party for the mere fact we needed more women in office. The happenings on the Capitol floor in Austin opened some eyes to the fact not all women politicians are “on our side”. Senator Jane Nelson‘s answer to protecting impregnated little girls was a negative due to her concern that Representative Jodie Laubenberg’s abortion bill would be sent back to the House with a possibility of not passing. As an incest/rape survivor, my blood boiled and my stomach filled with sour bile.

You remember Senator Jane Nelson, she was the chairperson who had Sarah Slamen physically removed from the Senate Committee hearing on SB1.

I’m throwing out all predictions of when Texas will be Blue because you can bet your bottom dollar, it will happen sooner than you think. Texans are angry and they are taking it to the polls in 2014.

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