Business Owner Destroys Republican Rep Talking Points In Town Hall (VIDEO)

One wonders why in 2010 the Obama administration and supporters of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) did not saturate town halls with knowledgeable people who could dispel the fallacies by both politicians and Right Wing groups. The administration should have understood that the success no other President had attained in passing a universal healthcare law would be challenged at every turn.

The administration should have shadowed misinformation bus tours, misinformation town halls, and misinformation op-eds. They did not. This year however is different. Knowledgeable folks are attending many town halls and forcing Republicans that disparage the law to defend the nonsense they espouse.

In the video below, Nevada Republican Representative Joe Heck is confronted by a small businessman. It turns out this small business man has always done the responsible thing and offered his employees insurance.

The businessman explains that he is cognizant that as a responsible employer he was indirectly paying for healthcare for the uninsured pre-Obamacare. As a small employer, the law provides him tax credits that help him continue providing insurance for his employees.

The businessman enumerated all the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. He spoke about his wife getting a pap smear with no requirement for copay. He spoke about his child’s seven year checkup without copay. He has checked out the insurance rates on the health insurance exchange that will open on October 1st and found the rates 9% less expensive.

He then asked the Congressman the question that every American who follows these issues asks.

Why do you oppose the ACA at every turn. It was passed by the Congress, passed by the Senate, signed by the President of the United States, upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States, and reaffirmed by the reelection of the President of the United States who won your district. Why would you oppose something that is helping me out, it’s bending the cost curve today, and bending the cost curve in the future. Why Congressman.

The only answer the Congressman had was the standard GOP talking points. He claimed it was passed with no GOP input. Of course he forgot to note that Republicans were not interested in a bill but simply to malign and obstruct. He forgot to mention that the law was patterned off of both Heritage Foundation tenets and the Massachusetts’ healthcare law supported by Mitt Romney that has proven successful. The video follows.

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