Michael Dunn’s neighbor speaks out about his true violent character (VIDEO)

Michael Dunn’s neighbor speaks out

Michael Dunn neighbor Charles Hendrix

The video below was released by John M. Phillips. He is the family attorney of the Davis family. This was released after defense attorney for Michael Dunn, Cory Strolla presented a handful of character witnesses that testified that Michael Dunn had a “calm demeanor.” Michael Dunn murdered Jordan Davis.

In a statement, John Phillips reveals his reason for releasing the video now:

In response to Mr. Strolla’s recent comments, I have been authorized to release this videotaped statement I took of Mr. Dunn’s former neighbor in the defamation/death lawsuit. Charles Hendrix lived next to Michael Dunn for 8 years.

The neighbor had some very revealing statements about Michael Dunn. Among them.

  1. He was  violent towards several women.
  2. He was a gun fanatic.
  3. He had many prostitutes that frequent the house.
  4. He was very agitated whenever he discussed politics.
  5. He was upset about the browning of America. He believed white people needed  to stand up because the country is being taken over by minorities.
  6. He forced one of his partners to go swinging against her will.
  7. He asked the neighbor to knock-off a another man from a companying suing his company.
  8. He threatened his female partners by putting a gun to their heads.
  9. He used marijuana and cocaine.
  10. Michael Dunn thought he was smarter than everyone else.

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