March 2, 2015

Jon Stewart slams media for missing the point when reporting the Bill O’Reilly and other’s lies (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart slams media for getting the O'Reilly story and others really wrong

Jon Stewart wonders why O'Reilly's war lie is the story Jo Stewart showed a great irony with the current state of reporting by the traditional mainstream media. Why this is not immediately obvious to reporters and producers is concerning. Jon Stewart started the skit by playing clips of the media reporting on the controversy about Bill O'Reilly's claim of being a war correspondent in Argentina. Jon Stewart was taken aback that the media would concentrate on Bill O'Reilly's embellishment of his 'war career. Why would the media concentrate on an embellishment? Why not concentrate on the daily lies he tells to his audience about things that matter. "Misrepresenting the zone he is in is kind of his hook," said Jon Stewart. "You are in the no spin zone are the words he utters right before throwing some jackass who disproves Global Warming by wandering around Boston pointing at snow on a network whose slogan (Fair & Balanced) is a textbook case of trolling. No one is watching them for the … [Read more...]

John Fugelsang uses Jon Stewarts’s departure to explain Liberals (VIDEO)

John Fugelsang uses Jon Stewarts's departure to explain Liberals

John Fugelsang explains dilemma of Liberals John Fugelsang told an unfortunate truth recently on CNN about Liberals. It is a truth that affects American policy because of the assumption that the country is more conservative than it is. This reality was explained in a piece I wrote a few months ago titled "America Is A Liberal Nation. A Liberal Wins On A Liberal Message." Fugelsang went out of his way to do two things on the CNN program. He first reminded the host that Jon Stewart did not go solely after Fox News or Conservative news. He went after what many perceived as Liberals as well. In fact to be a Liberal dictates that he did what he did. Secondly John Fugelsang went into a commentary about a truth about Liberals. It’s not that there is a Liberal counterweight to Fox. Jon didn't go for Liberals on the show. Liberals already get their news from a variety of sources. He went for the millions of Americans who identify with Liberal positions but choose to not identify themselves as … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart epic slam of the Mainstream Media News in Brian Williams lie (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart epic slam of the Mainstream Media News in Brian Williams lie (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart points out the irony of the Brian Williams 'investigation' Jon Stewart used the mainstream media news coverage of the Brian Williams lie to illustrate their dereliction of duty. He first told the story of Brian Williams reporting the story, then embellishing the story, and ultimately lying about the story. "But it was more sin than crime. Wouldn't you agree?" Jon Stewart asked. "I am sure his colleagues would agree." Stewart then played clips from different media outlets scrutinizing Brian Williams. They were contemplating whether he lied. What would it mean for the news media industry? What would be the damage to his credibility? "The media is on it," Jon said sarcastically. "Never again will Brian Williams mislead this great nation about being shot at in a war we probably wouldn't have ended up in if the media had applied this level of scrutiny to the actual f$cking war." Jon Stewart wondered why  the media was so up in arms. He then played clips where the different … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart has some fun with Democratic & Republican ‘Presidential Candidates’

Jon Stewart has some fun with Democratic & Republican 'Presidential Candidates'

Jon Stewart points out quite a bit in one skit Jon Stewart skit about the 2016 Presidential election may be funny but it has a lot of meat that both parties should ponder. In effect the skit could be renamed 'Where Are The Worthwhile Candidates?" It is all about fundraising Stewart first points out the reality of the corrosive nature of money in politics amusingly. He calls it 'The trail to the path to the route to the road to the White House', the 'Invisible Primary'. The Invisible Primary of course is the time known for its intense jockeying, fundraising, speech making, fundraising," Jon Stewart said. "Did I mention fundraising, fundraising. And the all important deep thinking policy research that this country so desperately needs that is to improve the future of its fundraising. It's really about the fundraising. They need a lot of money." Democrats put all their eggs in one basket Jon Stewart then points out that Hillary Clinton, yet undeclared, has no one openly challenging her of … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart slams Liberals for mindful stupidity on measles (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart mindful stupidity measles

Jon Stewart shows mindful ignorance can be devoid of ideology Jon Stewart points out that the fringes on the Left and the fringes on the Right can both be equally ignorant. Why do so many refuse to get the measles vaccine or for that matter all vaccines. "You may ask, why is measles, a disease that had effectively been eradicated through vaccination suddenly back," Jon Stewart asked. "Like most things you can blame it on science denying affluent California Liberals." Stewart plays a clip where Marin County California Tracy Skytt, a parent who does not believe in forced immunization, is asked if her kids were vaccinated. She answered that they were "for the most part." Why just "for the most part?" Her answer is rather bewildering. "We live here in Marin County which is a Liberal place," Tracy Skytt replied. "It is a well educated group of people. It is a thoughtful group of people. And I think if parents are choosing not to vaccinate it is probably for a reason." Jon Stewart's … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart uses Bible to slam Huckabee on gay marriage (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart rips apart Mike Huckabee's gay marriage position with the Bible

Jon Stewart obliterates Mike Hucakbee's position on gay marriage Jon Stewart masterfully used Mike Huckabee's own words to make a broader point. He used the Bible to show the hypocrisy of those that oppose gay marriage. He first played a clip to lay the groundwork of Mike Huckabee's general intolerance and 'head in the sand' stance. Huckabee called women who use the f-bomb trashy after implying that women in the South and Midwest do not do that.  Fox News Megyn Kelly called him out on that last week in no uncertain terms. Jon Stewart then wondered aloud about southern belle Paula Dean frequent use of 'bad words',  the N-word. Stewart then showed a clip of Huckabee's "I have a gay friend so I am not intolerant" defense. Huckabee implies it is biblical why he must be intolerant of gay marriage. "Unless I get a new version of the scriptures," Mike Huckabee said. "It is really not my place to say OK I am just going to evolve." Jon Stewart made minced meat out of that argument. He used the following … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart ridicules odd GOP State of The Union responses (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Implody Award

Jon Stewart makes fun of the shallow GOP responses to State of the Union Address Jon Stewart decided to have some fun with four of the GOP responses to President Obama's State of the Union Address (SOTU). The President noted that the vast majority of the gains from the economic recovery went to the top 1%. During President Obama's SOTU address he  presented several policies to mitigate some of these imbalances. He called it 'middle-class economics'. The President wants to offer free tuition to junior college. He wants to expand the child care tax credit for 5.1 million families. He wants to rebuild America's infrastructure, expand on NIH cutting-edge research, continue to connect veterans to jobs, and much more that materially helps middle-class families. The GOP responses provided shallow platitudes instead of engaging with the President on alternative middle-class policies. They did not provide concrete policies or suggestions that would provide the middle-class access to success. Their … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart calls out Mike Huckabee’s Red State – Blue State Beyonce hypocrisy to his face

Jon Stewart - Mike Huckabee

Jon Stewart illustrates Mike Huckabee's hypocrisy in a perfect video Jon Stewart caught Mike Huckabee completely off guard. Mike Huckabee went to the DailyShow to peddle his new book, "God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy." Jon Stewart set the stage when he told Huckabee he made a mistake by quitting his show to run for President. Huckabee used that as a segue into his book. "You see that's the view of people who live in the 'bubbleville I talk about in this book," Mike Huckabee said. "The real point is that there is a clash of cultures and there is a disconnect between people who live in the bubbles of New York, Washington, and Hollywood versus the people who live in the land of the bubbas." Jon Stewart pointed out that there is no real 'bubblevile' and 'bubbavile'. He was setting Mike Huckabee up for the Coup de grâce. Mike Huckabee used Beyonce as an example of crudeness in 'bubbleville'. He attempted to give the impression ad do many ideologues in his ilk, to give the impression of Red States purity over … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart’s shallow bad call on Obama no show in Paris (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart and US Media got it wrong

Jon Stewart joined shallow journalistic fray on this one Jon Stewart normally gets it. Generally he does not succumb to current faux journalistic 'popular winds'. This time he did.He slammed the Obama administration for not having a bigger presence than that of the US Ambassador to France at the rally in Paris. What is ironic is that within his skit he provided a good reason why the President of the most powerful country in the world or his immediate subordinates did the right thing in not being on that front line. First of all one knows that even as of this writing, France does not know how deep is the cell that effected the attack. In other words, as Jon Stewart said in the piece, "They are daring terrorism to come over." Should any US President, Vice-President, or cabinet member put themselves in a still unstable situation where their presence may 'incite a big one' for suicidal terrorists? The shallow American media continue to hyperventilate incessantly about having a more prominent American … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart slams McConnell for GOP economic surge? (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart slams Senator McConnell giving GOP credit for economic surge

Jon Stewart slams Mitch McConnell for taking credit for economic recovery Jon Stewart called our Mitch McConnell. Inasmuch as this is funny, he is doing us all a favor. The traditional mainstream media allows obstructionists to get away with their bad deeds and then take credit for the fruits of those that cultivated success. Jon Stewart first played a montage of clips where Mitch McConnell was disparaging all of President Obama's policies. He shows McConnell blasting the stimulus as not working when the fact is that  without a shadow of any doubt, the stimulus worked. He claimed that the bill to reign in Wall Street would stifle growth when Wall Street reform has proven more successful than expected.  McConnell claimed Obamacare would cost jobs. It turns out the opposite is true. Why is a comedian/satirist important in our 'news' coverage? Because the news media is scared of providing news by challenging misinformation. How do we know that? We know that because they told us so not implicitly but … [Read more...]