September 30, 2014

Jon Stewart slams Fox News for Obama’s coffee cup salute critique (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart mocks Fox New hypocrisy Jon Stewart slammed the news media, specifically Fox News for their hypocritical coverage of President Obama’s ‘Coffee Cup Salute.” One would think the President punched the marine that was saluting him as he exited the Presidential helicopter. Jon Stewart showed snippets of Karl Rove and other Fox News talking heads criticizing the President vehemently for saluting a marine while holding a cup of coffee in his saluting hand. They used terms like ‘outlandish’, ‘disappointing’, ‘complete disrespect for the men and women in uniform’, ‘it looks terrible’, ‘insensitive’,  ‘learn the proper respect of the salute’. Maybe these talking heads should learn the proper respect of the President  and the presidency. “Shut up,”  Jon Stewart said. “You don’t really care. You have no principle about this. You are just trying to score points in a game that no one else is playing.” Jon Stewart then goes on to show the hypocrisy and slammed Fox News. He shows Fox News Eric Bolling first … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart exposes a big congressional embarrassment (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart ignorance congress climate change

Does Jon Stewart expose willful or real ignorance? Last night Jon Stewart exposed a dirty BIG secret in Congress. This is really an embarrassment not only in the US but abroad. Jon Stewart starts his skit by playfully mocking the amateurish coverage of the climate change march in New York. He then went to the meat of the skit. “You may be thinking,” John Stewart said. “Do we really need a march to raise awareness about global climate change? I mean it is an accepted scientific phenomena pretty much everywhere. Here is why you need the march. It is accepted pretty much everywhere but there is one place called The United States House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space, and Technology. This is true.” Jon Stewart then went on to excoriate the ignorance of congressmen at a hearing in that committee that occurred last week. They were discussing the President’s plan to shrink carbon emission by 30% by 2030. Presidential science advisor John Holdren was responsible for attempting to put some … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart highlights why Joe Biden 2016 is a pipe dream (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Joe Biden

Many Democrats are looking for an alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Some have their hopes held high on Elizabeth Warren. Those who believe Elizabeth Warren does not yet have the political chops figured that just maybe Joe Biden may be the answer. After-all, vice-presidential candidates usually have the edge. Jon Stewart shows a compelling reason why a Joe Biden vice-presidential candidacy is likely a pipe dream. Everyone knows Joe Biden’s heart. The problems are the words that leave his mouth at the most inopportune times. Jon Stewart lays out the case against Joe Biden Jon Stewart played a few clips that laid out the good and the bad. First he showed Jon Stewart unequivocally defending women against domestic abuse.  “It’s never, never, never, the woman’s fault. This whole culture for so long has put the onus on the woman. What were you wearing? What did you say. What did you do to provoke. That is never the appropriate question.” Jon Stewart then shows Joe Biden using the term ‘shylocks who … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Where’s the Obamacare apocalypse? Eggs’ on all their faces (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Obamacare Apocalypse Jordan Klepper

 "Obamacare. You know Obamacare," Jon Stewart said. "We heard a lot about the suffering that it would bring. Now that it's here, we would like to know who suffered." Indeed. It should not be Jon Stewart's Daily Show telling this story The traditional  media allowed itself to be a part of the  misinformation campaign that decimated public opinion and support for the Affordable Care Act. One would think they would feel  a sense of responsibility to correct the record. Jon Stewart's DailyShow on the Comedy Channel should not be the dispenser of this type of news. Fortunately they are informing and informing a necessary demographic. Isn't the purpose of the free press to keep Americans informed irrespective of past acts? After being used by the Right Wing, as a  lying mouthpiece, shouldn't the traditional media want to regain credibility? Throughout the roll out of Obamacare there has been ample time to do so. The energy exerted to vilify the program is not there to correct the record. What is interesting … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart and Obama has a message for Obama

Jon Stewart President Barack Obama ISIS ISIL

What happened to the thoughtful policy of "Don't do stupid stuff"? President Obama was great when he used his calm oratory skills to show the ineptitude of a media questioning his cautiousness on ISIS / ISIL. Did old President Obama write this Jon Stewart piece? Lo  and behold, President Obama has gone Bush lite. He was mostly quiet as the military industrial complex via a misleading media, convinced a majority of Americans into making him morph into Hillary Clinton, our other neocon lite. Make no mistake, the President is following the will of the people. What he should have done is fight the media and the military industrial complex before the false narrative of an omnipotent ISIS / ISIL metastasized into the psyche of Americans. There could be two reasons why Arab countries are tepid in their desire to engage with a group that presumably wants to hurt them. Either the group is not as powerful as advertised or they consider America their department of defense, their military wing. We have now … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart illustrates the ineptitude of ISIS intervention (VIDEO)

John Stewart ISIL ISIS war

Jon Stewart’s message is rather complex – One hopes it penetrates There are subtle messages in this Jon Stewart skit that one hopes gets into the cerebral cortex of Americans. If this new war America is about to embark on wasn’t so disastrous in more ways than one, this skit would actually be funnier. Firstly, Jon Stewart mocks a media that feeds America on hyperventilation. He shows Fox News teasing America on whether we are going back to war with grave music. But are we not still at war? Aren’t we trying to get out of Afghanistan but still officially at war? He teases the bravado, the machismo of these news guys talking us into war. Jon Stewart illustrates a great irony. ISIS / ISIL storms into Iraq uninvited to impose their way of life, their governing doctrine. Sounds familiar? Are they sort of plagiarizing US actions. That can’t happen. So, how does America address it? Get the band back together. Get the coalition of the willing. Same countries from Bush’s Iraq war? Jon Stewart in effect is … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart uses Fox News coverage as humorous racial tutorial

Jon Stewart Ferguson Missouri Michael Brown

Jon Stewart is one of the few that can break down race issue that others can absorb Jon Stewart outdid himself on this one. He first used Fox News coverage to show how misguided and tone deaf coverage of Ferguson Missouri police officer Darren Wilson’s execution of unarmed teenager Michael Brown was. He showed how Fox news actually lied to their audience. As an example Fox News excoriated Al Sharpton’s visit to Ferguson (albeit at the request of the parents) while they claim he did nothing for the gang killings in Chicago. Jon Stewart showed video that pointed out that Al Sharpton was in fact in Chicago and leads an anti-violence group of national civil rights leaders that have met 3 times in the last 13 months. Jon Stewart also ridiculed a rather silly statement from Sean Hannity who claimed if he had a gun he would simply inform the cop that stopped him. Even more ridiculous Sean Hannity said if the gun was on his person he would raise up his shirt to show the cop. Of course every thinking American … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Comedy of two senate races speaks volumes of our politics

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart skit should be seen as highlighting America’s political flaw Jon Stewart featured two senate races that when examined illustrate the sad state of our politics. He examined both a GOP primary race and a national race. Jon Stewart billed the first race, a Republican primary, as the Tea Party versus GOP establishment civil war. “Huge news results,” Jon Stewart said. “In the Tea Party versus establishment civil war that has been pitting young hardline Right Wing Tea Party obstructionists against older ones.” The primary was between 3 term Conservative Senator Pat Roberts and Milton Wolf. Pat Roberts has been seen as detached from his constituents. He has spent very little time in Kansas. He spent so little time that in a Freudian slip he implied he only goes home when he has an opponent. It does not help that his residence in Kansas is at a home owned by a donor nor that he owns a home in Virginia. Jon Stewart ridicules Pat Roberts’ reality noting that it would take a rather flawed … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart slams Congress for suing the President ‘Congress is the Sharknado 2 of government’

Jon Stewart Sharknado 2

But isn't the media the Sharknado 2 of information? Sharknado 2? Many balk when satirists and comedians like Jon Stewart are held up as purveyors of real news or political analysis. With the state of a news media that is patently incompetent by choice or by corporate design, the likes of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert fill that gap. “Congress has a lot to get done before their summer recess which is going to start now.” said Jon Stewart. He then plays a clip of congresspersons and senators stating the many bills that need to get passed, the border bill, the highway funding bill, emergency unemployment insurance, student loan relief, and comprehensive immigration reform. The clip then keys in on a statement by John Cornyn (R-TX), “If we don’t do something to fix that by the time we leave here for the August recess, we would have failed.” “You guys suck. It is not failure,” Jon Stewart said. “It is just you living up to our extremely low expectation. Congress is the Sharknado 2 of government.” Jon … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart mocks US peace efforts as we sell weapons and disrupt all sides

Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart shows the hypocrisy of our peace mission in the Middle East Jon Stewart makes a very sad observation about the Middle East that while done comically, is very serious. After watching the video it’s hard to believe that our involvement have been a net positive for the stability of the region. “The Middle East, this is terribly upsetting,” Jon Stewart said.  “It remains in turmoil. This is a dangerous region. Even for people who don’t live there and say merely express the mildest of concern about the humanitarian tragedy of civilians who have nothing to do with the warring factions, only to take rat shit from everyone who went to your bar mitzvah.” It is evident that Jon Stewart is not taking kindly to the recent attacks on him from both the Right and the Left for examining the inability to question Israeli actions and taking a moral stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In this schooling Jon Stewart demonstrates the hypocrisy of America’s involvement in the Middle East. America … [Read more...]