Jon Stewart epic take down of Dick Cheney, his lies, & actions (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Dick Cheney

Dick Cheney exposed by Jon Stewart Jon Stewart performs one of the most effective take downs of Dick Cheney. His research team does more for one show than virtually the entire set of talking heads on network TV and cable TV combined. Jon Stewart goes into the archive and uses Dick Cheney's own words, lies, and actions against him. Dick Cheney's claimed on the Hugh Hewitt show that he cannot think of a more terrible burden to leave for the next president. What is that burden, a dysfunctional state of affairs with Iran. Of course the idea of the President's negotiation with Iran is to cleanup the mess Dick Cheney made. Worse however, Dick Cheney is making the point as Jon Stewart articulates, that anyone who strengthens the  strategic position of Iran is by definition  working to weaken the United States of America. "So the formulation would be, whoever strengthens Iran more would be the greater threat to America," Jon Stewart said. "Using Dick Cheney's own metric as our baseline, can we uncover a … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Constitution makes it easier to make war than peace (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart - Constitution makes it easier to make war than peace

War much easier than peace Jon Stewart used his show to point out many ironies that the Senate opposition to the agreement with Iran illustrated. He first played clips of several Senators as they disparaged an agreement they evidently had not seen. The reality is that very few believed that the Obama administration would get as tough of an agreement as the administration did. Many Senators had already had their talking points ready. Irrespective of the reality, they were going to use them. Jon Stewart exposed Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) as the warmongering inexperienced Senator that he is. On April 7th, Cotton was interviewed on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins. So what did Cotton recommend instead of peaceful negotiations? "Something more along the lines of what President Clinton did in December 1998," Tom Cotton said. "several days of air and naval bombing against Iraq's weapons of mass destruction facilities." Jon Stewart went on to point out that Congressional outrage was selective. He … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Understood Middle East turmoil in less than 3 minutes (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart get unexpected answer from Bassem Youssef on Middle East

Bassem Youssef schooled Jon Stewart on Middle East The Middle East is in turmoil. The genesis of that turmoil is multifaceted. Past colonialism, foreign governments intervention, greed, religion, and many other factors are all responsible. Bassem Youssef appeared on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, not to explain causes but explain the realities of the complexities within the region. "There are so many parts and wars going on in the Middle East it almost appears that we are fighting ourselves," Jon Stewart says. "To help us understand the various angles of operation 'Sandy Quagmire' we are joined by Senior Middle East Correspondent Bassem Youssef." Jon Stewart pointed out that America is fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda, trying to keep away nuclear weapons from Iran, and involved in a proxy war in Yemen on the side of Iran. He wants to know who is actually coming to kill Americans. Youssef  responded that none of them are interested in coming to kill Americans. He pointed out that the different factions that … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Red State Kansas should be treated like the welfare queen that it is (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart Red State Kansas should be treated like the welface queen it is

Kansas is in fact a welfare state Jon Stewart did a masterful job of tying the irrationality of Red State Kansas' laws with its actual reality, a bonafide welfare state. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is one of the most vociferous Right Wing ideologues that pushes his governing principles irrespective of outcome. He almost lost his reelection for governor. Sadly, apathy in Kansas and just about everywhere else in the country allowed those that are destroying the fabric of the nation to retain power. Jon Stewart began his skit with a Kansas gun law. He likely did this to illustrate the nature of the destructive thought process among the current crop of Kansas lawmakers. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a new law that removed the eight hour training and any permit requirement for carrying a concealed weapon. It is the Wild Wild West. Jon Stewart stated an irony. "The same state that believes eight hours of gun training is too much for its gun owners," Jon Stewart said. "requires a thousand hours of … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart catches a huge Ted Cruz deception (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart catches a huge Ted Cruz deception

Ted Cruz contradicts his own speech in same speech Earlier this week Ted Cruz announced his run for the Presidency of the United States. He presented a well-choreographed speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Students were forced to attend in lieu of a $10 fine. Ted Cruz's speech was based on imagining a whole lot of things. He wanted his audience to imagine him as president repealing every word of Obamacare. Ironically his family will be signing up for Obamacare as his wife leaves her Goldman Sachs job that provides the family health insurance. He would remove that type of transitional health insurance right from us all. But it gets even more deceptive as Jon Stewart pointed out in a recent skit. Ted Cruz said the following in his speech. "Instead of a government that seizes your email and your cellphone, imagine a federal government that protected the privacy rights of every American." Soon after his says the following. "I am going to ask you to break a rule here today. ... Take out your … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart uses Fox News to slam Fox News (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart uses Fox News to slam Fox News

Fox News v Fox News? Jon Stewart was so good at nailing Fox News with their own words that at the end of his skit he had to do a mic drop. It was a long skit but the video above is a representative compression of the entire piece. "Often times this show is critical of Fox but only because they are terrible," Jon Stewart said. "Like sometimes almost shockingly terrible." Stewart then pointed out that the Department of Justice released two reports. One report exonerating Ferguson officer Darren Wilson and debunked the 'hands up/don't shoot' meme. The other report excoriated the Ferguson police department and municipal government. The second report found that the Ferguson police and the municipal government systematically abused the Black residents of Ferguson. "Despite their 24 hour schedule," Jon Stewart said. "They only had time for one report." Stewart then segued to Fox News hyperventilating about the first report. "The second report they did," Stewart annoyingly said. "also document a tower of … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart points out a very bad lesson learned from Netanyahu’s win (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart points out a very bad lesson learned from Netanyahu's win

Jon Stewart points our the terrible lesson learned Jon Stewart did a masterful job in inferring a very bad lesson that was likely learned by some on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's big win. Unfortunately what Netanyahu did to win was being telegraphed throughout election day for Right Wing politicians in the US and throughout the world to see. The US news media played up Benjamin Netanyahu's win as if he was running against Obama. "Last night Benjamin Netanyahu apparently defeated Barack Obama and the Palestinians, " Jon Stewart said. "Finally Republicans found a Conservative that could defeat Obama." Stewart then mocked all the news channels that were hyperventilating because President Obama 'had not conceded' or called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory. "You find it interesting that a foreign country's prime minister who came to Congress against the White House's wishes to shit on a nuclear deal the President spent years working on wouldn't receive an immediate post election 'ad a … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart ridicules Rep. Debbie Riddle and other Right Wing Texas lawmakers (VIDEO)

Debbie Riddle

Debbie Riddle justifiably ridiculed Jon Stewart had fun with our Texas Right Wing Republican politicians. "When it comes to erecting road blocks between citizens and their federally guaranteed rights," Jon Stewart said. "Nobody, nobody is at it longer than Texas." Stewart then broke off to a clip with Republican lawmakers celebrating the 10 year anniversary of taking away the rights of gays, the ban of same sex marriage. Who celebrates the banning of ones civil rights? Stewart illustrated exactly why Texas eats the cake in the buffoonery arena in their anti gay marriage crusade. After a judge married a same sex couple, a state representative called foul. He filed a complaint with a Texas district judge for that moral infraction. State Representative Tony Tinderholt, a four time divorced, five time married man thought it was in his purview to determine what is right or wrong. Debbie Riddle likely had the most ridiculous story of them all. It shows the rather less than serious form of thinking that … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Oklahoma Politicians Passing Sharia Law to get around gay marriage? (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart - Oklahoma Christian Politicians Passing Sharia Law to get around gay marriage

Extremes Right Wing go through to stop gay marriage Jon Stewart used tactful ridicule to illustrate the lengths Right Wing legislatures would go through to discriminate against gay marriage. To be clear, there is nothing conservative about their actions. In fact they are radical and reactionary. Jon Stewart starts his skit by pointing out that marriage equality is spreading across America. The nation has not imploded because the country has granted more civil rights. As customary in this nation, after two steps forward, a step back is always forthcoming. "But as you know," Jon Stewart said. "Not all states will accept decency without a fight." He went on to point out states that are going through hoops to deny some American citizens their civil rights. They will do whatever it takes to prevent gay marriage. In Arkansas, the Party that claims to believe in small government and local control passed a state law that prevented local governments from passing laws that protects the LGBT community. They … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart exposes Governor Chris Christie for selling out his state’s citizens (VIDEO)

Chris Christie Jon Stgewart

Chris Christie claims the President is a poor negotiator and then ... Jon Stewart exposed Chris Christie's negotiation skills on his Daily Show recently. He starts the skits by playing a clip of Chris Christie at the Iowa AG summit claiming that the President does not know how to negotiate. "You have to have the right person in the Oval Office negotiating these agreements," Chris Christie said. "The President does not know how to negotiate." Chris Christie's statement left the door wide open for a Jon Stewart retort. It turns out that in 2004 the state of New Jersey sued Exxon for nine billion dollars for restoration and restitution related to a chemical mess created in a large area of the state. In 2006 the court declared Exxon liable. New Jersey had been trying to collect on the nine billion judgment for 8 years. Chris Christie, the great negotiator came to the rescue. He negotiated. Turns out he gave Exxon a deal better than they thought they could possibly get. He settled for less than three … [Read more...]