March 31, 2015

Jon Stewart catches a huge Ted Cruz deception (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart catches a huge Ted Cruz deception

Ted Cruz contradicts his own speech in same speech Earlier this week Ted Cruz announced his run for the Presidency of the United States. He presented a well-choreographed speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA. Students were forced to attend in lieu of a $10 fine. Ted Cruz's speech was based on imagining a whole lot of things. He wanted his audience to imagine him as president repealing every word of Obamacare. Ironically his family will be signing up for Obamacare as his wife leaves her Goldman Sachs job that provides the family health insurance. He would remove that type of transitional health insurance right from us all. But it gets even more deceptive as Jon Stewart pointed out in a recent skit. Ted Cruz said the following in his speech. "Instead of a government that seizes your email and your cellphone, imagine a federal government that protected the privacy rights of every American." Soon after his says the following. "I am going to ask you to break a rule here today. ... … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart uses Fox News to slam Fox News (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart uses Fox News to slam Fox News

Fox News v Fox News? Jon Stewart was so good at nailing Fox News with their own words that at the end of his skit he had to do a mic drop. It was a long skit but the video above is a representative compression of the entire piece. "Often times this show is critical of Fox but only because they are terrible," Jon Stewart said. "Like sometimes almost shockingly terrible." Stewart then pointed out that the Department of Justice released two reports. One report exonerating Ferguson officer Darren Wilson and debunked the 'hands up/don't shoot' meme. The other report excoriated the Ferguson police department and municipal government. The second report found that the Ferguson police and the municipal government systematically abused the Black residents of Ferguson. "Despite their 24 hour schedule," Jon Stewart said. "They only had time for one report." Stewart then segued to Fox News hyperventilating about the first report. "The second report they did," Stewart annoyingly said. "also document … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart points out a very bad lesson learned from Netanyahu’s win (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart points out a very bad lesson learned from Netanyahu's win

Jon Stewart points our the terrible lesson learned Jon Stewart did a masterful job in inferring a very bad lesson that was likely learned by some on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's big win. Unfortunately what Netanyahu did to win was being telegraphed throughout election day for Right Wing politicians in the US and throughout the world to see. The US news media played up Benjamin Netanyahu's win as if he was running against Obama. "Last night Benjamin Netanyahu apparently defeated Barack Obama and the Palestinians, " Jon Stewart said. "Finally Republicans found a Conservative that could defeat Obama." Stewart then mocked all the news channels that were hyperventilating because President Obama 'had not conceded' or called Netanyahu to congratulate him on his victory. "You find it interesting that a foreign country's prime minister who came to Congress against the White House's wishes to shit on a nuclear deal the President spent years working on wouldn't receive an immediate post … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart ridicules Rep. Debbie Riddle and other Right Wing Texas lawmakers (VIDEO)

Debbie Riddle

Debbie Riddle justifiably ridiculed Jon Stewart had fun with our Texas Right Wing Republican politicians. "When it comes to erecting road blocks between citizens and their federally guaranteed rights," Jon Stewart said. "Nobody, nobody is at it longer than Texas." Stewart then broke off to a clip with Republican lawmakers celebrating the 10 year anniversary of taking away the rights of gays, the ban of same sex marriage. Who celebrates the banning of ones civil rights? Stewart illustrated exactly why Texas eats the cake in the buffoonery arena in their anti gay marriage crusade. After a judge married a same sex couple, a state representative called foul. He filed a complaint with a Texas district judge for that moral infraction. State Representative Tony Tinderholt, a four time divorced, five time married man thought it was in his purview to determine what is right or wrong. Debbie Riddle likely had the most ridiculous story of them all. It shows the rather less than serious form of … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Oklahoma Politicians Passing Sharia Law to get around gay marriage? (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart - Oklahoma Christian Politicians Passing Sharia Law to get around gay marriage

Extremes Right Wing go through to stop gay marriage Jon Stewart used tactful ridicule to illustrate the lengths Right Wing legislatures would go through to discriminate against gay marriage. To be clear, there is nothing conservative about their actions. In fact they are radical and reactionary. Jon Stewart starts his skit by pointing out that marriage equality is spreading across America. The nation has not imploded because the country has granted more civil rights. As customary in this nation, after two steps forward, a step back is always forthcoming. "But as you know," Jon Stewart said. "Not all states will accept decency without a fight." He went on to point out states that are going through hoops to deny some American citizens their civil rights. They will do whatever it takes to prevent gay marriage. In Arkansas, the Party that claims to believe in small government and local control passed a state law that prevented local governments from passing laws that protects the LGBT … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart exposes Governor Chris Christie for selling out his state’s citizens (VIDEO)

Chris Christie Jon Stgewart

Chris Christie claims the President is a poor negotiator and then ... Jon Stewart exposed Chris Christie's negotiation skills on his Daily Show recently. He starts the skits by playing a clip of Chris Christie at the Iowa AG summit claiming that the President does not know how to negotiate. "You have to have the right person in the Oval Office negotiating these agreements," Chris Christie said. "The President does not know how to negotiate." Chris Christie's statement left the door wide open for a Jon Stewart retort. It turns out that in 2004 the state of New Jersey sued Exxon for nine billion dollars for restoration and restitution related to a chemical mess created in a large area of the state. In 2006 the court declared Exxon liable. New Jersey had been trying to collect on the nine billion judgment for 8 years. Chris Christie, the great negotiator came to the rescue. He negotiated. Turns out he gave Exxon a deal better than they thought they could possibly get. He settled for less … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart’s masterful knitting of America’s racial dilemma (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart's masterful knitting of America's racial dilemma

Jon Stewart gets what many refuse to acknowledge Jon Stewart in a nine minute segment (shrunk to 5 minutes above) shows an understanding of the race issue and how it is analyzed by both the government and the media. "For every bus bending the arc of the moral universe towards justice," Jon Stewart said. "There is another bus coming in the opposite direction trying really hard to bend that motherf*cker back." Stewart played the infamous clip of the University of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) fraternity's racist chant that went viral. He followed the clip with a clip from University of Oklahoma linebacker Eric Striker's angry video response and that followed by Striker's apology for the outburst. Stewart wanted to show an important point. He played a video apology from Eric Striker that came before any written apology, let alone video apology from the perpetrators of the racial incident. Jon Stewart went much deeper as he continued to use the media to illustrate how a narrative can … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart slams CNN and Fox News less than serious Selma coverage (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart CNN Fox News Selma drone

Jon Stewart highlights CNN and Fox News silly news The commemoration of the events that occurred at the Selma Edmund Pettus Bridge was a turning point in this country. It is a very serious part of the American history that is revisited year after year to ensure that these mistakes and bad deeds are not repeated. Jon Stewart played a few clips of Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) in awe of the country's progress having elected President Obama. This is quite an occurrence when juxtaposed against the savagery by the Alabama troopers in Selma. The struggle to vote cost many Americans their lives. It was a shameful period for this democracy, our democracy. It was a hypocrisy that required a nation to change. Jon Stewart also played some inspiring portions of the President's speech where he acknowledged that a country must be self-critical if it is to move forward. The event in Selma was a serious event that merited much better coverage. In fact it reminds us that those that are attempting to … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart ridicules pandering to Israel’s always wrong warmongering Prime Minister (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart ridicules warmongering wrongheaded Israeli Prime Minister

Jon Stewart wasn't fooled Jon Stewart acknowledged exactly what Isrtaeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to the Joint Session of Congress was, an attempt to poke President Obama in the eye, a festival of slights. Benjamin Netanyahu appeared at the 'invitation' of Speaker of the House John Boehner, read 'pandering in the attempt to embarrass the President'. Boehner did so while disrespectfully not consulting or informing the White House that a foreign Head of State would be addressing Congress. "Benjamin Netanyahu was on hand to explain to our Congress why our President should not be negotiating a nuclear deal with Iran," Jon Stewart pointed out. "And even though Netanyahu was speaking only two weeks before the Israeli elections, he wasn't there just to use our Congress as the most elaborate campaign commercial backdrop ever." Of course he was. Jon Stewart showed him bragging on Israeli TV about his mission as the savior of the Jews. Stewart then showed a clip that should be … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart slams media for missing the point when reporting the Bill O’Reilly and other’s lies (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart slams media for getting the O'Reilly story and others really wrong

Jon Stewart wonders why O'Reilly's war lie is the story Jo Stewart showed a great irony with the current state of reporting by the traditional mainstream media. Why this is not immediately obvious to reporters and producers is concerning. Jon Stewart started the skit by playing clips of the media reporting on the controversy about Bill O'Reilly's claim of being a war correspondent in Argentina. Jon Stewart was taken aback that the media would concentrate on Bill O'Reilly's embellishment of his 'war career. Why would the media concentrate on an embellishment? Why not concentrate on the daily lies he tells to his audience about things that matter. "Misrepresenting the zone he is in is kind of his hook," said Jon Stewart. "You are in the no spin zone are the words he utters right before throwing some jackass who disproves Global Warming by wandering around Boston pointing at snow on a network whose slogan (Fair & Balanced) is a textbook case of trolling. No one is watching them for the … [Read more...]