December 18, 2014

Watch Jon Stewart use Trevor Noah to school Americans on Africa vs plight of Black Americans (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah

Jon Stewart gets 'schooling' from Trevor Noah Jon Stewart used his new Daily Show correspondent, South African Trevor Noah, to provide a poignant message. The message was great. The video above was trimmed down to relay the message more succinctly since much of the message could have been lost in Jon Stewart's otherwise excellent comedic satire. Trevor Noah started with the most prolific story gripping America right now, police killing Black men. "Boy are my arms tired," Trevor Noah said. "I have been holding my arms like this (hands up/Don't shoot) since I got here. I never thought I would be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa. It kind of make me a bit nostalgic about the old days back home." Jon Stewart shot back asking if Black people in South Africa don't get killed by police.  Trevor Noah responded that they in fact do but now its not solely by White Police officers, "Progress,: he said. Noah then decided to chide America. "I am still a bit nervous to be honest between your … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart – Rand Paul thinks police killing of Eric Garner is a tax problem (VIDEO)

Rand Paul, Jon Stewart

Rand Paul lets down Jon Stewart with this one Jon Stewart's seemed to have regained his voice after his shock of the non-indictment of the cop that killed Eric Garner. His skit attempted to show that indeed unlike what many Americans would like to convince themselves of, police getting off with murdering Black men is systemic. Jon Stewart complained that many have attempted to make excuses to justify two of the latest murders. The description of both Eric Garner and Michael Brown as big, hulk-like men with connotations of superhuman physical abilities is probative. These were false justifications to put the minds of many at ease. Jon Stewart segued to the most ridiculous take by a leading politician. Rand Paul has been attempting to build bridges between his sect in the Republican Party and the Black community. He should be praised for that. After all, he is one of the few politicians Republican or Democrat who have talked about tackling the Prison Industrial Complex and the disproportionate … [Read more...]

Watch Jon Stewart’s visceral reaction to non-indictment of cop who killed Eric Garner (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart, Eric Garner, Daniel Pantaleo

Jon Stewart reaction to Eric Garner case Jon Stewart expressed the sense of exasperation that many of us feel over the non-indictment of Daniel Pantaleo, the police officer that killed Eric Garner. His statements hit the mark in more ways than one. I honestly don't know what to say. If tragedy is comedy plus time, I need more fucking time," Jon Stewart said. "But I would really settle for less tragedy to be honest with you. You know I think what is so utterly depressing, is that none of the ambiguities that exist in the Ferguson case, exist in the Staten Island case. And yet the outcome is exactly the same, no crime, no trial, all harm no foul.  In Ferguson at least you had conflicting witness testimony. You had conflicting forensics. You had the specter of at least police self-defense. But here there is none of that. The coroner called it a homicide. The guy is not acting threatening and we know that no through witness testimony, unreliable bystanders but because we are fucking watching it. Someone … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Nancy Pelosi must go for doing this. Really? (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart tells Nancy Pelosi she must go for doing this

Jon Stewart gets this one wrong Jon Stewart is a straight shooter. It is likely his research team failed him here. Worse he played into two narratives. The first, Nancy Pelosi comes across like a hypocrite in defending women's rights. The second, Nancy Pelosi used unseemly means to get the candidate she wanted for a particular committee. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) a disabled veteran and American hero, is in a high risk pregnancy and was advised not to fly. She asked that she be allowed to vote by proxy in the Democratic Caucus. The request was denied as it went against House rules, it was never done before, and it would set a precedent as was revealed in the closed door meeting. ABC News reported about what transpired in the closed door meeting as follows. The drama played out at a closed-door meeting Thursday, when Duckworth’s request was debated before the caucus. Democrats like Rep. Rosa DeLauro, the co-chair of the Democrat Steering and Policy Committee, cautioned colleagues against setting new … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: From mayor to gang member? – Police use media and prejudice for revenge

Jon Stewart - From Mayor to gang member- Police use media and prejudice for revenge

Jon Stewart gets to the core of bad journalism in Minnesota Jon Stewart got to the  core of what should be an embarrassing moment in journalism displayed by Minnesota TV station KTSP. When the story first appeared on the DailyKOS, one could not help but believe it was a joke. It started off a social media storm with its own hashtag, #pointergate. #pointergate may be the most racist news story of 2014 What you are about to read and watch is stranger than fiction. It's so racist and so outrageous, that people are questioning whether or not it's satire from The Onion. It's real though, and that's what is so shocking and heartbreaking about the whole ordeal. Getting their picture taken above is the mayor of Minneapolis, Betsy Hodges, with Navell Gordon, a young volunteer from the respected Twin Cities charity, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. To better understand the context, please take just one minute to watch the beginning of [this video]. Pay particular attention at 0:32-0:39 as Navell … [Read more...]

Watch Jon Stewart mock Democrats for losing by ignoring Obama’s successes as GOP wins on Hope & Change

Jon Stewart mocks Democrats for losing by ignoring Obama's successes as GOP wins on Hope & Change.

Jon Stewart: GOP win on Hope & Change? This skit by The Daily Show's Jon Stewart and Jordan Klepper is painfully funny. They are pretty much mocking Democrats for losing an election by ignoring President Obama and the Democrat's successes. The skit starts with Jordan Klepper making the claim that immediately upon the election of a new GOP Senate, things in America have immediately gotten better. ":Last night at approximately 11:27 Eastern Time, Republicans gained control of the US Senate and the results were almost immediate," said Jordan Klepper. "The economy now growing at at a robust 3.5 percent. Gas this morning, under three bucks a gallon. Stock Market at record levels. Deficits cut in half. Ten million more Americans have health insurance. And unemployment sub six percent for the first time since we elected chairman Obama." "Hang on a second Jordan. "Jon Stewart tried to interject. "Even Ebola Jon -- think about this -- which was on the verge of destroying the country under Obama's … [Read more...]

Watch Jon Stewart tease how GOP wins with the Democratic playbook (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart GOP wins with Democratic demographic playbook

Is Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams on to a changing GOP?"  The Daily Show's Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams points out a rather interesting irony on the huge Republican win this week. On the more popular races, the Republican Party looked as diverse and fresh as the Democratic Party. Actually, it seemed quite a bit fresher. "Democrats had their asses handed to them last night," Jon Stewart said. "Even worse for the Democrats was the demographic breakdown of the ass handlers." Jon Stewart showed snippets of the cable news coverage showing several ethnic minorities winning, several young people winning, and several women winning. Jon Stewart then brought in the ultra funny Jessica Williams to finish the skit. The irony and sarcasm she brought had a lot of truth wrapped in her several punch lines. "Jon, Republicans didn't just take Democrats' seat," Jessica Williams said. "They stole their essence. The GOP went from a Brooks Brothers catalog to a United Colors of Benetton ad. It's not fair. I mean … [Read more...]

Watch Jon Stewart slam GOP Mitch McConnell as architect of government failure (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart, GOP, Mitch McConnell

Jon Stewart hits the nail on its head Jon Stewart once again hits the nail on the head. Most importantly he got to the core of the government dysfunction and the genesis of this iteration that started just before President Obama's inauguration. A few weeks ago President Obama gave a speech where he stated that while he was not on the ballot, his policies were. The snippet got a lot of attention and was placed in the ads of many Republicans. Because of the lack of spine and fortitude of Democrats, that statement while true turned a reality into a liability when taken out of context. The snippet from Jon Stewart's skit above illustrates this perfectly. It is the timidity of Democrats, a failed traditional media, and a Republican Party that has no fear of being called out for lies, misinformation, and policies that materially hurt the middle class that is at fault. Jon Stewart shows McConnell being asked about Kynect in his debate with Alison Lundergan Grimes. Kynect is the very successful implementation … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: GOP ads stereotyping & showing contempt of women

Jon Stewart, Kristen Schaal

Jon Stewart & Kristen Schaal make fun of GOP contempt for women  Jon Stewart and Kristen Schaal did a masterful job of putting various GOP ads targeting women into proper context. Kristen Schaal use of sarcasm was impeccable. Jon Stewart starts by showing news clips from various news outlets stating that women will decide the 2014 election. Women will decide control of the Senate. "Usually women are a sure thing for Democrats," Jon Stewart said. "This year the GOP is launching a big rebranding effort to change that and you know what that means." After showing more news clips of the talking heads talking up Republican's push to attract women, Jon Stewart introduced Kristen Schaal, a 'senior women's issues correspondent'. "Kristen, how is this Republican outreach campaign to women going," asked Jon Stewart. "So great Jon," replied Kristen Schaal as she went into the setup of the skit that showed the contempt for women that the GOP used in the construction of ads targeting women. "Republicans have … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart skewered Congress for hiding from ISIS debate (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart ISIS ISIL Congress Debate

Jon Stewart continues his relentless attack on Congress' timidity in debating ISIS / ISIL. They continue to leave it up to President Obama to decide unilaterally if we should be at war with ISIS / ISIL Jon Stewart rightfully exposes Congress for abdicating their duty Going to war is one of most serious acts a country will endeavor on. For a Congress to be silent on the issue is unforgivable. It is a dereliction of duty for members of Congress to be all over the media criticizing the President even as they show an embarrassing level of inaction To be clear, though a majority of Americans have now been convinced that ISIS / ISIL is an existential threat to the United States even as rational thinking should prove otherwise, all of Congress should be on the record with the reasons they support deeper American involvement. Jon Stewart in his piece above shows a vibrant debate in the British Parliament. Jon Stewart used two snippets to illustrate Congressional dysfunction and hypocrisy. He shows Speaker … [Read more...]