Middle Class Rising Up Against Paul Ryan’s Budget. They differ from the Tea Party in that they are not hoodlums. They know the material.

It is a pleasant surprise but a welcome surprise to see a knowledgeable but civil middle class finally rise up against the continued bad policy by the Republican congress people. The Republican politicians really believed they had a mandate to pilfer the middle class. Problem is that they are completely reading Americans incorrectly. Unfortunately the […]

Opening it Up

Contribution by Stevie Kirby Opening a restaurant is fraught with a lot of challenges you don’t really consider until you’re an entrepreneur. For example, getting a website off the ground is a huge undertaking, as is making sure all your taxes are in order, especially if you’re hiring staff. After you take care of that, […]

The Myth of Obama’s Big Spending Is Refuted By Factual Information. Will Republicans Maintain Willful Ignorance

Willful ignorance is bliss. Republicans will refuse to read factual information because it puts into context the fact that their policies unsustainable. Willful ignorance can generally be ignored. When it comes to the survival of a nation it is evil. When it materially hurts the middle class it is evil. When it runs the real […]