March 26, 2015

Texas Governor Perry’s GOP Claiming a State Increase In Education Spending A Provable Lie

  Claim of a state increase in school spending is false By STATE REP. SYLVESTER TURNER June 28, 2011, 7:35PM Some of the leaders in our Texas Legislature are making the claim that the state budget expected to be signed by Gov. Rick Perry will give $1.6 billion to $3 billion more to our public schools than the previous budget. It's simply not true. In fact, the Legislature's own "fiscal note," which analyzes the financial impact of legislation, says that there is a "savings to the state" — meaning a reduction in aid to school districts - of $4 billion over the next two years. And some are proposing that those cuts be extended for three years after that - a total cut of $10 billion from our public schools. So how can state leaders make such claims if the statements aren't true? Simple. They use the propagandists' technique of cherry-picking a true bit of information and putting it into a context where the result proves a false statement. Here is how … [Read more...]

Kingwood Texas Resident Letter To State Rep Dan Huberty On His Decimation Of Our Schools

Charlotte H. Coffelt Kingwood, TX 77345 June 24, 2011 The Honorable Dan Huberty Member, Texas House of Representatives 4501 Magnolia Cove, Ste. 201 Kingwood, TX 77345 Dear Representative Huberty: With the 2011 legislative session drawing to a close, no doubt you’ll be hearing from many of your constituents regarding the net effect of your representation in the Texas Legislature. Yes, you’ve been recognized by Texas Monthly magazine for being the “rookie of the session” because of your ability to work with at least one Democrat “in hopes that someday the era of Washington-style partisan gridlock in the Texas House will come to an end”. But, from this individual’s viewpoint, your devotion to Grover Norquist’s mantra of no more revenue for any purpose—even to help pull our public schools out of the financial hole they’re in—has made it very plain that you deny the damage that the final financial bill has caused public schools across Texas. Before your recent service as a state legislator, I … [Read more...]

Outsourcing Now Hits The Semi-Wealthy: Bankers Eating Their Own

We have been outsourcing jobs now for years. To say that it has been destroying the fabric of this nation is an understatement. After all we are now living in a country where while we still have a manufacturing base, it is disappearing progressively faster as our titans of capital continue to maximize profits by marginalizing local employment and outsourcing anything that can be outsourced. One cannot but define this behavior as unpatriotic given that if you destroy the ability of a country to manufacture you make the country unstable by being substantially dependent on foreign entities. When the titans of capital started moving our low skilled manufacturing jobs overseas to the lands of China, Central America, and other bastions of pseudo slave labor, the lower middle class worker was not worried. After-all, they believe that would never happen to them. Who cares if all those little plastic toys and utensils are made elsewhere? When the titans of capital started outsourcing our more skilled manufacturing … [Read more...]

Reggie Brown ‘Obama impersonation’ at RLC

My Book: As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom Book’s Webpage: http://amzn.to/dt72c7 - Twitter: http://twitter.com/egbertowillies Blogs: http://EgbertoWillies.com - http://PoliticalTruths.info … [Read more...]

Texas 2011 Legislative Session A Failure That Will Be Harmful To An Entire Generation

I could not help but feel the pain Senator Davis is feeling as she sees a Legislative session that not only failed to correct Texas’ fiscal problems, but a legislature that passed arcane laws like the “vaginal probe anti-abortion bill” which they claim was an emergency. While much is spent ensuring all children irrespective of circumstances are born because of an absolutist ideology, state resources to ensure that children are fed and educated to grow up to be responsible citizens are denied. While it is easy to blame politicians, we should blame ourselves. After all for the most part they are doing what they told us they would do. They believe in low or no taxes on corporations, low taxes on the people who make a lot of money, regressive fees for the middle class, and very little government spending except to ensure an activist government in control of every woman’s body. The Texas 2011 Legislative Session is currently a failure. For many students in their formative years, two years of failed education … [Read more...]

Watch Women Campaign Forum(WCF) At Netroots Nation


Netroots Nation meant a lot to the Women’s Campaign Forum this year because of you. You joined hundreds of other attendees in pledging to support pro-choice women leaders in government. You cheered our endorsed-candidates at our breakfast. You celebrated your own political ambitions at our recruitment training. You shared your frustration with misogyny in the media at our panel. Quite simply, you made this year’s Netroots Nation the best conference yet. You and I know that at times it feels like the cards are stacked against us; that the challenges we face in achieving representation for women in government feel insurmountable. Just last year, we saw the first backslide in women’s representation in government in over 30 years. For those reasons and more, your support at Netroots means a lot to WCF. That’s why we created this video of WCF’s time at Netroots to capture your amazing support for pro-choice women in government. I hope you enjoy our video, and that it means as much to you as it does … [Read more...]

Attack On Teachers Continue: Call Your Texas Senator To Block SB8

Call Your Texas Senator To Block SB8 An Attack On Teachers The attack on teachers continues in Texas. While we refuse to right tax corporations for providing them an educated workforce we are willing to cut the education that has provided a not great but good educated workforce. These short sighted politicians cannot see that the long lasting effects of these cuts to education will cause the eventual abandonment of Texas by corporations to the next state that is willing sacrifice its citizens for short term gain. Texas residents Click Here to get your state senator’s Austin, TX telephone number and call him/her now and let them know they will pay at the ballot box if SB8 passes. This is your child’s, your grandchild’s, your young relative’s future. You put your trust in teachers to be stewards of your most precious resource, your child for 8 hours a day. You will not continue to get good teachers in a state that treats them like unskilled commoditized workers. CALL NOW Background Information June 27, … [Read more...]


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Houston Gay Pride Parade 2011

Video thumbnail for youtube video Houston Gay Pride Parade 2011 - EgbertoWillies.com

On June 25th, 2011 the City of Houston was honored to have one of the largest LGBT parade event known as The Houston Gay Pride Parade. The parade was attended by over 150,000 people. Inasmuch as attendees were in very close surroundings, the event was peaceful and without any incidents. Many politicians and political organizations participated in the parade as well. The fact that Houston, TX is led by Mayor Annise Parker, a gay person herself, speaks well for the level of tolerance that this city has evolved to. One can only hope that going forward Texas will join New York in legalizing same sex marriage. LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.com Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Rebuild The Dream Launch. We are Taking Back Our Country (VIDEO)

The first video is an informative 4 minute synopsis of the entire program. To get the entire flavor and spirit of the event watch the second video. It is long but worth it. After you watch the video get involved. There will be no savior solving America’s problem. You along with millions of Americans will be our own savior. Oligarchic America believe they have you by the neck and you will take whatever they want to give you. They believe you are dumb and will believe whatever they force their mainstream owned media to tell you. NO! You will take that which you inalienable rights entitles you to work for. You will benefit from the greatness of America because you are a part of what makes America great. rebuildthedream on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free rebuildthedream on livestream.com. Broadcast Live Free   … [Read more...]