Kingwood Texas Resident Letter To State Rep Dan Huberty On His Decimation Of Our Schools

Charlotte H. Coffelt Kingwood, TX 77345 June 24, 2011 The Honorable Dan Huberty Member, Texas House of Representatives 4501 Magnolia Cove, Ste. 201 Kingwood, TX 77345 Dear Representative Huberty: With the 2011 legislative session drawing to a close, no doubt you’ll be hearing from many of your constituents regarding the net effect of your representation […]

Outsourcing Now Hits The Semi-Wealthy: Bankers Eating Their Own

We have been outsourcing jobs now for years. To say that it has been destroying the fabric of this nation is an understatement. After all we are now living in a country where while we still have a manufacturing base, it is disappearing progressively faster as our titans of capital continue to maximize profits by […]

Watch Women Campaign Forum(WCF) At Netroots Nation


Netroots Nation meant a lot to the Women’s Campaign Forum this year because of you. You joined hundreds of other attendees in pledging to support pro-choice women leaders in government. You cheered our endorsed-candidates at our breakfast. You celebrated your own political ambitions at our recruitment training. You shared your frustration with misogyny in the […]

Attack On Teachers Continue: Call Your Texas Senator To Block SB8

Call Your Texas Senator To Block SB8 An Attack On Teachers The attack on teachers continues in Texas. While we refuse to right tax corporations for providing them an educated workforce we are willing to cut the education that has provided a not great but good educated workforce. These short sighted politicians cannot see that […]


Thanks for the post, Arthur Lawrence I knew I had to do something to really set myself apart from the other realtors in town. In this terrible economy, home buyers were scarce so we realtors practically fought over each new potential client. Particularly in the high end price range, we were hurting for clients, so […]

Houston Gay Pride Parade 2011

Video thumbnail for youtube video Houston Gay Pride Parade 2011 -

On June 25th, 2011 the City of Houston was honored to have one of the largest LGBT parade event known as The Houston Gay Pride Parade. The parade was attended by over 150,000 people. Inasmuch as attendees were in very close surroundings, the event was peaceful and without any incidents. Many politicians and political organizations […]