Republican Overt Prejudice Continues As Gay Soldier Defending Our Country Is Booed

Gay Soldier
Yet again in a Republican Debate, specifically in the FoxNews Republican debate, the Republican audience displays their overt prejudice.

We must not forget the Republican audience’s suggestion that an uninsured thirty something should be allowed to die if he gets sick or their gleeful support for Rick Perry and Texas being the execution capital of the world.

We all know there is prejudice out there. To some extent because of how we were raised we still have the recessive demons of prejudice of some sort.

Decency however has always kept ones overt prejudice somewhat in check. After-all, prejudice is a disease not of the victim of prejudice but of the perpetrator of the prejudice.

Being from a Latin country, Central America to be specific, prejudice against gays is rampant. When I came to America, with the help of a very intelligent and pragmatic friend, I was able to purge that evil out of my system. It took a while before the intellectual disdain for homophobia actually became a part of my being. One however must take it upon themselves to start their own purge. The problem is the new Republicans have made prejudice and the vocal and outward display of prejudice vogue and very acceptable.

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