Republican (GOP) War On Women Exposed (Video)

War on Women

The war on women by the Republicans is not sensationalism. The systematic disregard of the fact that women are living thinking beings with their own point of view is anathema to the Republicans.

The patriarchal view of the GOP towards women and “others” is no different that what we find in theocracies. In fact if you were to simply list what was said by Rick Santorum, Rush Limbaugh, Foster Freiss, and many other men in the Republican party without identifying them, you would in fact believe the statements were made by members of the Taliban. The video below is clear and makes that point.

I cannot understand why any thinking woman would vote for a Republican until all laws that take away her rights (ie., forcing trans-vaginal ultrasounds) are repealed, until her right to health care is respected (ie, support and full funding of planned parent hood, support for full contraception coverage), and until her children’s rights to a good public education are not denied or undercut. Thankfully some Republican women have begun to speak up and wakeup.