March 30, 2015

my FOXaustin 7 Coverage of War On Women Rally


I was in Austin for the War On Women Rally with the Kingwood Area Democrats and other organizations including the Coffee Party. I got an email yesterday saying I was on Fox 7 and then went to their website to check it out. WOW, I got a whole five seconds of coverage. I was busy looking down sending some images to CNN iReport.  The appearance is at 1:33 to 1:35 and at 1:42 to 1:45. You can see the actual report I did on the event starting in Houston, with interviews, chanting, poster making, and more at this blog post. The War On Women Rally The War On Women Rally Updated: Saturday, 28 Apr 2012, 11:07 PM CDT Published : Saturday, 28 Apr 2012, 10:00 PM CDT The War On Women Rally : MyFoxAUSTIN.com Saturday, the fight against the "War on Women" was taken to the Texas State Capitol. Democrats say republicans are attacking women's rights after recent legislation was passed, including the defending of Planned Parenthood in Texas. "The legislature, in a very … [Read more...]

Federal judge stops Texas law on women’s Planned Parenthood banned Healthcare


  AUSTIN, Texas - A federal judge in Austin has stopped Texas from banning Planned Parenthood from participating in the Women's Health Program. Judge Lee Yeakel ruled that there is sufficient evidence that the state law is unconstitutional. He imposed an injunction against enforcing it until he can hear full arguments. The law passed last year by the Republican-controlled Legislature forbids state agencies from providing funds to an organization affiliated with abortion providers. Eight Planned Parenthood clinics that do not provide abortions sued the state. The clinics say the law unconstitutionally restricts their freedom of speech and association. Continued Federal judge stops Texas law on women's health | News - Home … [Read more...]

War On Women Rally In Austin Video – Interviews, Speech Highlights, and Voyage


War On Women VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL On April 28th it all came together. The work paid off. Thanks to the work of many in Houston three buses and a van along with hundreds carpooling left Houston Texas to the Texas Capitol in Austin for the War On Women Rally. Many thanks must be given to the Houston leaders of this event. We thank Diane Mosier and Kingwood Area Democrat Andrea Gardner for their continuous work in promoting the event around Houston and for getting donations from several unions. Their work was immeasurable. Andrea Gardner even did a stint at promoting the event at KPFT. Kingwood Area Democrats Angelo and Susana Palma were instrumental in getting a North bus which they generously underwrote. When it was clear we had to get a van, Angelo Palma volunteered to drive. In addition the Palmas provided the North bus with more than enough snacks and drinks. Kingwood Area Democrat Deborah Mowrey provided the North bus with very stylish goodie bags filled with … [Read more...]

Coffee Party Radio: 2012-04-28 12Noon Central

Politics Done Right with Egberto WilliesSaturday 12:00 Noon Central/1:00 PM EasternCall In, talk and/or Listen: (646) 929-2495 Listen And Chat <Here> at your computer or smartphone   Please call me at (646)929-2495 let us discuss these issues. I want to hear and discuss ALL points of views. Listen And Chat Here at your computer or smartphone Join My Coffee Party Group Americans for Racial Equality and Economic Justice My Book – Visit Blog - Follow Me … [Read more...]

Occupy Kingwood – A Sustainable Form Of The Occupy Movement (2012-04-28) (VIDEO)


Occupy Kingwood VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Occupy Kingwood at week 19, growing, strong, and continually effective. This week we had many missing as it it’s the Saturday of Unite Against The War On Women Rally in Austin Texas. That notwithstanding, we had an effective Occupy and engaged a few people from their cars. Most notable was a man shouting from his car that 48% of Americans do not pay taxes. We made sure to correct him relative to the many taxes all Americans pay and all the taxes corporations and the wealthy unpatriotically avoid, thus putting our country’s financial health in further peril. I left Occupy Kingwood early to get on the bus to the War On Women rally at our Texas Capitol in Austin, Texas. There were many Occupy Kingwood members rallying for our women. My Books – Follow Me– Visit Me … [Read more...]

Lots of fat in Humble Independent School District’s budget by Bobby Petty


In an editorial published in this spot last week, Humble ISD administrators ran damage control over fallout from the school board’s latest example of mismanaged taxpayer-funded education dollars. Superintendent Dr. Guy Sconzo announced in March the district would lose 110 federally-funded teachers, but he neglected to disclose the 110 teachers could have been mostly funded by $3.67 million which he recommended at the November school board meeting be instead spent on a 1-2 percent retroactive pay raise for all district employees. To fix this superintendent-created problem, the district stated last week that he plans to “propose” funding in next year’s budget for 90 of the 110 teachers – who will be laid off at the end of May – by reallocating funds from the district’s general budget. District administrators may “propose” to shuffle money all day long, but it doesn’t change the fact that the district still is $5 million in the hole this year alone. To make matters worse, the district’s own hired demographers … [Read more...]

The Anti-American Response To My Fact Based Liberal Op-eds In Kingwood


I was in Eugene Oregon this week until Wednesday at a Move to Amend executive committee meeting. Interesting enough we were discussing stuff about power. Who has power? Why do they feel entitled to power? We also discussed many other topics including how progress is stifled. This group among one of its tenets is to promote amending the constitution to ensure money is not speech and to reverse Citizen’s United. Interesting enough as I checked my email while on the plane back I saw some of our Kingwood Area Democrats rather upset with some letter to the editor (LTE) responses to specifically two of my op-eds but with a sentiment to all the many op-eds written by many knowledgeable Kingwood Area Democrats (Deborah Mowrey, Karen & Bruce Menke, Marc Croes, Russell James, Michelle Michon, & many others). The specific op-eds referenced were Gamed By Healthcare Debate and Long Flight IDs America’s Problem. The types of responses below are intended to lower one’s morale with the expectation that if they … [Read more...]

Violence Against Women Act- You All Have Mothers, Daughters, & Wives. GOP Get Out Of The Way


After Senate Republicans failed to weaken the Violence Against Women Act to exclude immigrant, Native American, and LGBT women from its full protections, attention now shifts to the House, where Republicans are pushing to do the same thing. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney refuses to take a firm stand. Just how much violence against women are they willing to accept? The American electorate can tolerate quite a bit from politicians, but no one respects a coward. The Violence Against Women Act revolutionized the way violent crimes against women are prosecuted and prevented. Since it became law, domestic violence has dropped by more than half. But some Republicans in Congress are opposing the Violence Against Women Act because they want to exclude some women from its full protections. And Mitt Romney won't even take a stand. All women deserve protection from abuse -- no matter if they are white, black, immigrant, Native American or gay -- and no violent criminal should get away with hurting them.  How can … [Read more...]

Paul Sadler on Texas Women–Values All Texans Should Cherish


I just got sent a link to this video from my friend Charlotte Coffelt. Paul Sadler is running for US Senate. If he convinces me that he really intends to govern and vote based on the words, morals, and passions in the video below, he would have earned my vote and hopefully at least 50% plus 1 of all Texans. Listen to his video and visit his site. It is time to turn Texas Blue and start sending representative of our state both Texans and the United States can be proud of. Visit his website here. … [Read more...]

Andrea Gardner On KPFT’s The Progressive Forum Promoting War On Women Rally In Austin, TX


Coffee Party USA member, Democrat, and Longshorewoman Andrea Gardner was on the the KPFT show, The Progressive Forum today. She did a wonderful job raising awareness of not only the Unite Against The War On Women’s rally in Austin, Texas, but awareness of all the damaging policies being promoted by Republican politicians. I saw Andrea Gardner right after she did the radio show and she was all pumped up. It was as if Saturday could not come fast enough. So make sure you come as well. Click here and come to Austin with us. GET ON THE BUS. My Book– Follow Me– Visit Me … [Read more...]