April 1, 2015

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Action Fund Annual Meeting & Luncheon


Planned Parenthood VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL Today I attended the Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast Action Fund Annual Meeting And Luncheon. It was a very lively event that displayed all the necessary urgency that will be necessary to combat the attack the GOP has launched on women specific issues in the Texas Legislature during the last legislative session. Ex-Commissioner Sylvia R Garcia offered the welcome. Houston Texas Mayor Annise Parker provided strong remarks on firing up supporters of Planned Parenthood and women causes. Board Chair Susan Kennedy detailed the purpose of the this 501(c)(4). She stated that north of $65,000 was raised and that it will be spent wisely. Yvonne Gutierrez gave a compassioned and detailed expose of the specific laws against women passed by the last Texas Legislature. Included was the defunding of Planned Parenthood as well as the vaginal sonogram. President and CEO of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast reiterated both the genesis and the purpose … [Read more...]

Wisconsin’s Scott Walker Recall a Must to Reclaim Morality and Middle Class Humanity


This morning on my way to the gym at around 4:28 I was listening to NPR and they were discussing healthcare for folks with mental problems. A mother described an event that occurred with her daughter at an emergency room. Her daughter has manic episodes and she was kept in a closet size room in the emergency room for 24 hours. The mother was then called to pick her up. The hospital emergency room had no place to hold mental patients. The part that struck me was when the hospital administrator said that there was no money in holding mental patients in a room because the reimbursement rate was too low. That said, they found a solution in Denver. They would build rooms that may lose money because it would free up space in the emergency room for more profitable patients. After listening to this I really felt physically ill. The narrator was matter a fact in his statements of the problem. Was the immorality of his statements only obvious to me? It is immoral to leave certain human needs to the market. It is … [Read more...]

The Republican Recession: They started it, they kept it going, & by their own admission, they’d bring it back.


Americans are beyond frustrated with politicians who put their narrow political goals ahead of jobs. Republican politicians admit their top political priority is to defeat President Obama and they're willing to throw our economy into a recession to get it done. They started the recession by letting Wall Street crash the economy, killing millions of American jobs. They sustained the recession with spending cuts that threw hundreds of thousands of Americans out of work. Even Mitt Romney admits that massive spending cuts will “throw us into recession or depression” -- but he supports them anyway because he'll do better if Americans do worse. They're choosing to cut our way into recession because they care more about winning for themselves than winning for America. That's not leadership. That's sabotage. ATTACKS AND RESPONSES ATTACK: "Obama is wasting taxpayer money on 'public equity' failures that don't create jobs." RESPONSE: Right-wing pundits and politicians are at it again, using their … [Read more...]

Just Received My Latest Hate Mail From A Sarah Palin, Gun Loving, God Clinging Admirer


Guys, take a look at my latest hate mail. It really makes one wonder how the mind of the writer is wired. This is in fact the result of very effective Fox News, Right Wing Blogs, and Right Wing Talk Radio mis-education. If the author of the hate mail below happens to also read my blog, which I believe he/she does, rest assured the policies I along with those that are my partners in positive activism for the middle class advocate, are in your interest as well. We are not commies, free loaders, or anti-America. The Right Wing needs you to believe that so you can vote against the interest of yourself, your family, and your country. Be cognizant of the fact that inasmuch as we have had several severe downturns, the top one percent has progressively gotten richer recession or not. They have done this on your back in a deceptive manner. They have exported our jobs to exploit cheap labor for trinkets you buy even as they force your pay lower. They have created a tax system that taxes the working man at a higher … [Read more...]

2nd American Revolution. GOP Playing With Inextinguishable Fire When Voters Realize They’ve been had.


When President Obama scolded the Supreme Court for its decision on Campaign Finance Reform at the 2010 State Of The Union Address he said the decision would “open the flood gate for special interests including foreign corporations”. Justice Alito in a condescending expression shook his head in disagreement. The story in Politico that states that GOP leaning outside groups will invest north of one billion dollars in addition to the hundreds of millions being raised by Romney should be a wakeup call. Firstly, it is exactly what scholars, pundits, bloggers, and the president said would happen. Secondly, they are operating under the premise that the American vote is for sale. The most telling fact is that outside groups have data to show that the millions they poured into the Republican primaries had a distinct effect on the race. They intend to replicate it in the general election from the President all the way to the congressional battles. The following statement in the article is telling and should not be … [Read more...]

Harris County Democratic Party Primary 2012 Results


Following are some of the results competitive candidate races that I think are important and will have lasting effects on the Harris County Democratic Party. 02:31 AM (2012-05-30) Precincts Reporting 100.00% Grady Yarbrough / Paul Sadler Lissa Squiers / James Cargas Steven Kirkland / Elaine H Palmer Zach Fertita / Lloyd Wayne Oliver Adrian Garcia / Dolores Jones Diane Trautman / David Rosen Lane Lewis / Keryl Burgess Douglass 29.89% / 28.44% 40.07% / 33.75% 38.50% / 61.50% 47.51% / 52.49% 70.09% / 24.64% 58.95% / 41.05% 55.02% / 44.98% 10:48 PM Precincts Reporting 99.81% Grady Yarbrough / Paul Sadler Lissa Squiers / James Cargas Steven Kirkland / Elaine H Palmer Zach Fertita / Lloyd Wayne Oliver … [Read more...]

Smallest Spending Growth Rate & Largest Income Growth Under Democrats–False GOP Spin Undermines America’s Well-being


On Friday Bill Maher had a striking monologue at the end of his show that I shrank down to 90 seconds showing that Right Wing talking points are diametrically opposed to reality. The article below illustrates one of the points that Bill Maher made relative to the president with the lowest spending growth in decades, including those from both Republicans and Democrats. What is interesting is that the Presidents with the slowest spending growth rates are in fact Democratic presidents. What is also interesting as well is that income growth rates have consistently been better under Democratic presidents as opposed to Republicans. Likewise job creation has consistently been better under Democratic administrations. I covered all these facts in my book “As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom”. None of this is conjecture. It is verifiable fact that I cover with irrefutable sources. There are specific policy reasons why these repeatable outcomes occur. Policy matters in an economy where … [Read more...]

Memorial Day thoughts – An Open Letter From Russell James


Dear Fellow Patriots-- As this is Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would share my thoughts on PATRIOTISM as it relates to my US Congressional representative, Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX District 2) and his voting record. Ted Poe is a member of the US House Judicial Committee. During the week of May 13, 2011, the US House Judiciary Committee voted on a bill that was proposed by a "Democratic" congressman, Mike Quigley (D-ILL). This bill was pretty simple in scope: PROHIBIT (KNOWN) TERRORISTS FROM BUYING GUNS AT GUN SHOWS. Now, for those of you who don't know how many people this encompasses, there are about 280 of these named individuals. Some of you may also know that if you buy guns at a gun show, you DO NOT undergo any checks of any kind....not even a background check. Seems simple and quite logical to put a "common sense" law like this into effect, don't you think? (I approve of such a measure, and YES, I am a multiple gun owner). Well, here's what happened...... It was a … [Read more...]

Fully Funding Texas Schools is a Legitimate Function of the Texas Legislature

Michelle Michon

By: Michelle Michon Dan Huberty claims that he has fought for and will continue to fight for the best possible education for our children. Someone should inform him Texas has a State Constitution and under Article Seven, it clearly states, “Essential to the preservation of the liberties and rights of the people, it shall be the duty of the Legislature of the State to establish and make suitable provision for the support and maintenance of an efficient system of public free schools.” Dan Huberty voted for reduced funding for Texas Education, brags about winning his seat by over 50 percentage points and to having some success in the 82nd Legislature. The Humble Independent School District has joined several other districts in a lawsuit over the constitutionality of the funding of Texas schools by Huberty and the other Republicans in 82nd Legislature. I don’t see the results touted about Texas Education by Huberty and I don’t count his failure to fully fund public education as a success in any way. You would … [Read more...]

Republicans Rap Themselves In The Flag & Constitution Even As They Attempt To Steal 2012 Election


Republicans love to wrap themselves in the flag and quote the constitution. They love beating Liberals, Progressives and everyone else over the head with it. Yet, if you look at all their actions, they really do not care about the constitution, democracy, or equal access for all. They believe in democracy solely for those who are pre-programmed to vote for them. What is funny is that their policies also prevent equal access not only for those that generally do not vote for them but for some of those who always vote for them (makes the book “What's the Matter with Kansas?: How Conservatives Won the Heart of America” required reading for all including their minions). The story below is true and important. We cannot wait until we are at the election to fight the REAL voter fraud that is being effected by the Republicans under the premise of combatting voter fraud, a non-existent problem in this country. Do you really think an undocumented worker or undocumented resident is going to take the chance to get … [Read more...]