The Republican Recession: They started it, they kept it going, & by their own admission, they’d bring it back.


*+-Americans are beyond frustrated with politicians who put their narrow political goals ahead of jobs. Republican politicians admit their top political priority is to defeat President Obama and they’re willing to throw our economy into a recession to get it done. They started the recession by letting Wall Street crash the economy, killing millions of […]

2nd American Revolution. GOP Playing With Inextinguishable Fire When Voters Realize They’ve been had.


*+-When President Obama scolded the Supreme Court for its decision on Campaign Finance Reform at the 2010 State Of The Union Address he said the decision would “open the flood gate for special interests including foreign corporations”. Justice Alito in a condescending expression shook his head in disagreement. The story in Politico that states that […]

Harris County Democratic Party Primary 2012 Results


*+-Following are some of the results competitive candidate races that I think are important and will have lasting effects on the Harris County Democratic Party. 02:31 AM (2012-05-30) Precincts Reporting 100.00% Grady Yarbrough / Paul Sadler Lissa Squiers / James Cargas Steven Kirkland / Elaine H Palmer Zach Fertita / Lloyd Wayne Oliver Adrian Garcia […]

Smallest Spending Growth Rate & Largest Income Growth Under Democrats–False GOP Spin Undermines America’s Well-being


*+-On Friday Bill Maher had a striking monologue at the end of his show that I shrank down to 90 seconds showing that Right Wing talking points are diametrically opposed to reality. The article below illustrates one of the points that Bill Maher made relative to the president with the lowest spending growth in decades, […]

Memorial Day thoughts – An Open Letter From Russell James


*+-Dear Fellow Patriots– As this is Memorial Day weekend, I thought I would share my thoughts on PATRIOTISM as it relates to my US Congressional representative, Congressman Ted Poe (R-TX District 2) and his voting record. Ted Poe is a member of the US House Judicial Committee. During the week of May 13, 2011, the […]