First CNN iReport Debate (Mark Ivy v Egberto Willies–Moderated by Christina Zdanowicz)

This is going to be a contentious political season. The Right will be a bastion of misinformation with the specific goal of having the working middle class vote against one’s own interest.

It is a provable fact that Republic policies beginning with their objection to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is detrimental to most Americans. They have the funds, the control of the mainstream media, and the ability to lie without consequence.

Sadly Republicans also have an active and controlled Evangelical base that has dismissed the teachings of Jesus Christ based on their support of Republican policies that are based on Atheist Ayn Rand’s (on religion, on altruism) teachings. The Romney/Ryan budget that Mitt Romney says he will implement, that over time provides draconian cuts in our safety net (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid) was written by congressman Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan states that he grew up reading her material and states that she inspired him so much that her books are required reading for his staff.

CNN iReport is conducting debates between iReporters on prescient political issues. Mark Ivy and me had the first debate. It was moderated by CNN iReport news producer Christina Zdanowicz. Check it out below. I must admit I like Mark as fellow human. I simply cannot understand however how his mind is wired. Mark is dependent almost entirely on the government, yet he feels a disdain for how government works. One would think as opposed to disdain he would actively work in a positive realm to improve government. After-all, which private entity is providing him help absent him producing? Our government, we the people with a dose of humanity that was instilled to it over the years by Liberal values is what makes us a humane and moral society.

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CNN iReporters debate Supreme Court health care ruling


Welcome to the very first head-to-head iReport Debate!

The Supreme Court upheld the entirety Obama’s health care plan in a 5-4 decision on Thursday. We selected two iReporters from both sides of the issue – one who supports Obama’s plan and one who is against it — to go head-to-head in a debate.

iReporter Egberto Willies, a democrat from Kingwood, Texas, supports Obama’s plan. His wife has lupus and he fears that without this law, she would lose her insurance.

And on the other side is iReporter Mark Ivy from Farmersburg, Indiana. He is disabled and on Medicare, but he opposes the plan. He predicts the law will increase the cost of coverage.

We kicked off the debate with this question: Did the Supreme Court make the right decision?

Watch the video and let us know who you think won today’s debate by leaving a comment below. Or, if you’d like to share your thoughts on the ruling, upload a video or text iReport.

Congrats to Egberto and Mark for being our very first iReport Debaters!