Canadian letter on Obama From A Small Business Owner In NE Oregon

imageI received this unsolicited letter a couple of days ago after I posted the blog post “A Canadian’s View On Our Disrespect Of President Obama’s Presidency”. It is touching because anytime one person take the time and effort to send an email to me about a blog post I understand they are representative of many with the same sentiment.

For too long those of us that care, those that are empathetic to those that are less fortunate, and those that support policies that are moral have been maligned by the Right Wing. Francis’ letter from the heart is one of the stories we must be telling.

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From: Name Removed For Privacy
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2012 11:15 AM
To: Egberto
Subject: Canadian letter on Obama

First thank you for printing that letter. As a former Canadian (though still Canadian in the eyes of Canada) I can’t help but feel frustration not only over the anger towards Obama, but the use of countries like Canada (Great Brittan) etc. as examples of how screwed up "socialist" countries can be. This without the benefit of ever having lived in any of those countries. To say those countries are perfect would be a mischaracterization, but hardly are they as terrible as made out to be.

I too am ashamed of what America has woken up to. What we see today is not something new, more like something that has been dormant for years. The idea that a black President would be elected was novel at first, but when it happened, when it finally sunk in it wasn’t so novel anymore, it was real. The Dark Side of this country awoke from it’s dormant state, refreshed and ready to attack.

I will be voting for Obama, I will continue (on Facebook) to openly support him and encourage others to do so.

I’m lucky in a sense. I was not "born" into a political party. I chose my party. It’s not perfect, but in the grand scheme of things that party best represents my interests, my beliefs and my ethical standards.

Thank you

A small business owner in NE Oregon.