March 31, 2015

Coffee Party Radio: End of Debates–Now What? Sat 12–2PM Central

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Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies

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The debates are over. The debate polls claimed Mitt Romney won the first debate and President Obama won the other two and Vice-President Biden won his against Paul Ryan. Yet, the Liberal Media’s narrative is that over all Mitt Romney won the debate series.

Many are attributing President Obama’s substantial drop in the polls after the debate almost entirely on the debate. My contention is that it is twofold. First, 70 million Americans saw Mitt Romney for the very first time and he completely misrepresented all that he previously stood for and that was enough for many to give him a second look. The other is best articulated by Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson.

Let us discuss the last debate, the state of the election, and the influence of the media and money in the outcome of the election.

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About Egberto Willies

Egberto Willies is a radio show host, author, blogger, political activist, DailyKOS Contributing Editor, a Director of Coffee Party USA, Executive Committee member of Move to Amend, 2nd Annual CNN iReport Spirit Award Honoree, HuffPost Live Contributor, self-employed software developer, & web designer. Egberto wrote the book ‘As I See It:Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom’ based on his belief that the mainstream media is derelict in its duty to relate what really ails the middle class and the complicity of the Right Wing in its demise. Bio: http://egbertowillies.com/bio/ Linked In: http://linkd.in/TOiHUS. Google


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