Radio: Move to Amend Reports w/Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies – Thurs 7:00 PM


Thursday 7:00 PM Central Call and listen at 646-652-2345 Live & Podcast Here. We are very excited about what lays ahead for us in the coming year. We built up a lot of momentum last year to carry us forward, and we hope you will join us in maximizing our potential in 2013. Check out […]

VICTORY: Wyoming Anti-NDAA Bill passes Committee 6-3, on its way to the House


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cheyenne, WY – January 30, 2013 Contact: Barbara Anderson PANDA Wyoming VICTORY: Wyoming Anti-NDAA Bill passes Committee 6-3, on its way to the House Thanks to your overwhelming support, and the support of other organizations and individuals, Wyoming House Bill 114, the Wyoming Liberty Preservation Act, passed committee 6-3 and will […]

Jon Stewart: GOP Shameless On Immigration–Minorities: GOP a Lost Cause (VIDEO)


Many seem to believe that passing some sort of comprehensive immigration reform will ensure that the drubbing Republicans took by the hands of Latinos specifically, but more broadly, from virtually all minorities will change their fate with these voters going forward. Those in the GOP, who will now allow the passage of comprehensive immigration reform […]

Jon Stewart: Glenn Beck & Conservatives’ Utopia Is Social Libertyless Marxism (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart did an excellent expose on the brand of Conservatism being practice today. He uses the words of prominent Conservatives to show the inconsistency and un-tenability of their positions. He first shows Bill O’Reilly, Allen West, Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, & Laura Ingraham attacking the so called government intrusion & tyranny against […]

Occupy Suburbia: Where The Battle Of Ideas Must Be Won by Brian Henry


Bryan Henry captures the essence of what the Occupy Movement must become in order to have a real and lasting impact to our body politics and specifically a democracy that works for all. Occupy Kingwood is honored that he chose the local movement in our local community of Kingwood Texas and the surrounding areas to […]

Kingwood Area Democrats Celebrate Inauguration Day Brunch At Home Of Sam & Deborah Mowrey


The Kingwood Area Democrats were honored to attend an elegant President Obama Inaugural champagne brunch that was hosted by Sam and Deborah Mowrey. The Mowrey’s used the occasion to honor President Obama’s call for a day of service to request that attendees bring a donation for the H.A.A.M. food pantry. Patty Pinkley, Deborah Mowrey, & […]

Did President Obama Launch War On Fox News? Yes and they took the bait. (VIDEO)


Fox News is getting completely frazzled and defensive because President Obama stated a well-known fact. Fox News intent from the beginning of his presidency was not to report news and challenge his presidency, but to destroy it. What started this new battle? President Obama was interviewed by the New Republic and said the following about […]

Sarah Palin & Tea Party – Dead Movement Walking – The Tea Party Is Dead


The Tea Party movement is dead. When an ant mound is poisoned and the queen dies there are still worker ants running around. However for all practical purposes, the mound is dead. That is the current state of the Tea Party. The con artists that used the fear and ignorance of the Tea Party following […]