February 27, 2015

Radio: Move to Amend Reports w/Laura Bonham & Egberto Willies – Thurs 7:00 PM


Thursday 7:00 PM Central Call and listen at 646-652-2345 Live & Podcast Here. We are very excited about what lays ahead for us in the coming year. We built up a lot of momentum last year to carry us forward, and we hope you will join us in maximizing our potential in 2013. Check out our Take Action Webinar held last week to learn more. Or tune in to our new internet radio program!   Move to Amend Reports hosted by National Leadership Team members Laura Bonham and Egberto Willies, will air every Thursday at 8:00 PM ET, 5:00 PM PT. The show will feature guests who specialize in movement building, amending the Constitution, grassroots organizing, and issues relating to corporate rule and participatory democracy. Each show provides opportunity for call-in questions and comments from the listening audience by dialing 646-652-2345 (long distance changes apply). Please add these events to your calendar: ★January 31: George Friday, Move to Amend national team member will discuss building a … [Read more...]

A Final Letter To Mitt Romney, A Letter Worth Reading


This is another one of those letters my mother got and emailed to me. I am posting it because it is the encapsulation of all that I have heard for those who voted to re-elect President Barack Obama. Many attempted to give the impression that his voters were just blind Obamabots wanting a handout. Many attempted to make it a racial thing, black people voting for him because he is black, other minorities voting for him because he is not white, notwithstanding that all minorities have voted for white candidates even against minority candidates if they were the candidates speaking to their political needs. Personally the President did not do most of what I wanted but he did much of what I expected him to do. He is president of the United States and not God. He became the leader of the American capitalist ideology not Simon Bolivar. For those who want a more Socially Progressive Liberal state, a state I believe is more humane, it is incumbent that one move the political leaders. Political leaders are not … [Read more...]

VICTORY: Wyoming Anti-NDAA Bill passes Committee 6-3, on its way to the House


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cheyenne, WY – January 30, 2013 Contact: Barbara Anderson PANDA Wyoming msiouxcro@yahoo.com VICTORY: Wyoming Anti-NDAA Bill passes Committee 6-3, on its way to the House Thanks to your overwhelming support, and the support of other organizations and individuals, Wyoming House Bill 114, the Wyoming Liberty Preservation Act, passed committee 6-3 and will now advance to the House floor.  On Tuesday evening, at the head of a media firestorm, the Transportation Committee held a hearing on the bill, and passed it with a decisive 6-3 vote. Our battle however, is not yet over. HB 114 will be debated on the House floor within the next few days.  The deadline for bills to be heard on the house floor is Monday, February 4th, and, if the bill has not come up in committee of the whole by then, it will die due to lack of time left in the session. Wyoming Rep. Kendall Kroeker, who introduced the bill, said that he … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: GOP Shameless On Immigration–Minorities: GOP a Lost Cause (VIDEO)


Many seem to believe that passing some sort of comprehensive immigration reform will ensure that the drubbing Republicans took by the hands of Latinos specifically, but more broadly, from virtually all minorities will change their fate with these voters going forward. Those in the GOP, who will now allow the passage of comprehensive immigration reform solely under that tenet, may actually make the problem worse as Latinos and minorities will correctly assume that they are perceived as mentally shallow. Jon Stewart’s very funny yet truthful encapsulation of the current Republicans’ utterances on immigration illustrates the impossible position the GOP is in. When each of their presidential candidates not only address undocumented immigrants, the ones that built their affordable homes, clean their homes affordably, mow their lawns affordably, and create and serve the meals they love economically, as less than, simply passing comprehensive immigration reform is not the answer. A Republican Congressman … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Glenn Beck & Conservatives’ Utopia Is Social Libertyless Marxism (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart did an excellent expose on the brand of Conservatism being practice today. He uses the words of prominent Conservatives to show the inconsistency and un-tenability of their positions. He first shows Bill O’Reilly, Allen West, Rush Limbaugh, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, & Laura Ingraham attacking the so called government intrusion & tyranny against personal freedom. He then segues into a brewing solution in Idaho, a group that would build a Conservative Mecca with enclosed walls where “Marxists, Socialists, Liberals, and Establishment Republicans” would not want to be a party of. Interesting it seems more like an isolated prison. In a silly monologue, Glenn Beck detailed the city he would build, a sort of Conservative utopia, Independence, USA. What Jon Stewart is able to do is use Beck’s own description of what he envisions this Conservative mecca to be, as exactly what it is, a city that mimics Marxist ideology with a strict Conservative social code. It is central planning on steroids. … [Read more...]

Occupy Suburbia: Where The Battle Of Ideas Must Be Won by Brian Henry


Bryan Henry captures the essence of what the Occupy Movement must become in order to have a real and lasting impact to our body politics and specifically a democracy that works for all. Occupy Kingwood is honored that he chose the local movement in our local community of Kingwood Texas and the surrounding areas to highlight as an example of the movement advancing. As noted in Bryan Henry’s article, Occupy Kingwood completed its promise of 52 consecutive weeks at the corner of Kingwood Drive and West Lake Houston Blvd in Kingwood Texas.The movement has morphed into a chapter of Move To Amend where it will be working on the core issues that have corrupted our politics, corporate personhood and money defined as speech. Once eradicated the voice of the the average middle class American will once again be heard. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies Occupy Suburbia: Where The Battle Of Ideas Must Be Won By Bryan Henry - Mon, 01/28/2013 - 14:17 The Tea Party-dominated House of … [Read more...]

KAD’s Diane Trautman & Erica Lee Swearing In For Harris County Board Of Education Trustees


LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Kingwood Area Democrats Celebrate Inauguration Day Brunch At Home Of Sam & Deborah Mowrey


The Kingwood Area Democrats were honored to attend an elegant President Obama Inaugural champagne brunch that was hosted by Sam and Deborah Mowrey. The Mowrey’s used the occasion to honor President Obama’s call for a day of service to request that attendees bring a donation for the H.A.A.M. food pantry. Patty Pinkley, Deborah Mowrey, & Barbara Madera are pictured in this week’s Tribune. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

Did President Obama Launch War On Fox News? Yes and they took the bait. (VIDEO)


Fox News is getting completely frazzled and defensive because President Obama stated a well-known fact. Fox News intent from the beginning of his presidency was not to report news and challenge his presidency, but to destroy it. What started this new battle? President Obama was interviewed by the New Republic and said the following about Fox News: One of the biggest factors is going to be how the media shapes debates. If a Republican member of Congress is not punished on Fox News or by Rush Limbaugh for working with a Democrat on a bill of common interest, then you'll see more of them doing it. Fox News did not take the statement lightly. On the Fox News show “Fox & Friends”, in a back and forth with Brian Kilmeade and Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr., they chided the president by displaying the few instances in the past where the President justifiably called out Fox News for their attacks on him. Johnson tries to equate the President’s call out as a stifle on the debate. Brit Hume in a … [Read more...]

Sarah Palin & Tea Party – Dead Movement Walking – The Tea Party Is Dead


The Tea Party movement is dead. When an ant mound is poisoned and the queen dies there are still worker ants running around. However for all practical purposes, the mound is dead. That is the current state of the Tea Party. The con artists that used the fear and ignorance of the Tea Party following minions to make millions of dollars on books, shows, conventions, and rallies are scrambling for the next issues ripe for exploitation. The immigration issue is losing traction. The fear of Obamacare is losing traction as more and more middle class Americans see the actual benefits. They have attempted to jump on the gun control issue. This may now be falling apart as the share violence America saw inflicted on its most innocent overtake the absolutist position of absolutely no gun regulations. Sarah Palin’s contract with Fox News was not renewed. Bobby Jindal in what would normally be a Tea Party friendly crowed, said the party needs to stop being the Stupid Party and start speaking like adults. MSNBC Joe … [Read more...]