Joe Scarborough May Be The Republican’s Savior- Rubio Need Not Apply (VIDEO)

Over the last several years Joe Scarborough has been progressively getting more aggressive on the attacks on the intransigence and lack of ideas of the Republican Party. His attacks are more piercing because he is in fact a real conservative. From watching his various diatribes over the years, one comes to the conclusion that as a real conservative he believes in small government, very little social services, and very little corporate set asides. This is unlike conservatives of today that talk small government yet want huge defense expenditures, remaining in failed wars, and never ending budget busting tax cuts.

In October 2009 Joe Scarborough called out the Right as not being conservative, saying that they were the ones that took a $155 billion surplus into a $1.5 trillion deficit. In June of 2010 he said his positions have not changed, yet he feels his party distancing from his conservative beliefs as he laid into Gingrich anti-Islam rhetoric. In December of 2012 while responding to the Newtown Massacre, Joe showed something rare in conservatives, the ability to change his position when circumstances dictate it. In January of 2013, Scarborough acknowledged that Republicans cheated themselves into holding on to the House of Representatives given that they got over a million less votes than Democrat. In February, Joe excoriated Republican for their refusal to call out Wayne LaPierre’s racially laced op-ed.

Today Joe Scarborough was at it again. He simply could not believe that the GOP blocked the confirmation of the secretary of defense Chuck Hagel because of a grudge. He said.

Joe Scarborough

For the sixty six thousand troops currently serving in Afghanistan and for their families all across America this morning, I am sure they are glad to know that we don’t have a secretary of defense in place and not going to because of a seven year old political grudge. Forget about sequestration, forget about all the cuts. There are men and women on the ground in Afghanistan today fighting and possibly dying for this country and they don’t have a secretary of defense running the Pentagon because of a six or seven year old grudge? Really? Is that how small we’ve become? And because this guy is disagreeable. Richard, kinda frightening isn’t it?

He played the video in this post of Senator John McCain stating what most know.

McCain then said the following on Fox News.

He will probably get the votes when we return from the recess unless something pops up and that’s doubtful that it will. To be honest with you Neil, it goes back to there is a lot of ill will towards senator Hagel because when he was a Republican he attacked President Bush mercilessly. At one point said he was the worst president since Herbert Hoover. Said the surge was the worst blunder since the Vietnam War which is non-sense. And was very anti his own party and people. People don’t forget that.

The media has been playing up Marco Rubio as the savior of the Republican Party. He gave the rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union address, and absent the embarrassing water bottle moment, his speech was nothing more than a rehash of failed and rejected policies, including policies that mimicked those in the Romney campaign. The reality is the savior of the Republican Party will be the brave conservatives that swim against the tide of the Tea Party and other factions of the Right Wing while speaking the truth about the real reasons for the Party’s failures. The savior of the Republican Party just may be Joe Scarborough.

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