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This week’s show

This has been a long tiring week. As you know, I am a member of the Leadership Team of Move To Amend. I represent Coffee Party on that Executive Committee.

This week Move To Amend had its retreat in Portland Oregon where we discussed the path that must be followed to amend the constitution through a complete multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-racial democracy movement that supersedes age, gender, or socio-economic hurdles. It was grueling but the initial path was laid out with options for continued improvements and tweaks.

This week I am honored to host someone I consider a friend given that we can maintain civil discourse even as we are at diametrically opposing ends of the political spectrum. Today will be Liberal Egberto vs Conservative Bob and you. I am a far left Liberal that believes only through a peaceful  revolution by the middle class, poor, and moral wealthy will  this country morph into a country that lives up to its ideals. Bob is a staunch Conservative that for all practical purposes believes in the status quo and in some cases the regression of Liberal induced gains that women, disabled, and minorities have made since the inception of a an original constitution that gave full rights to just 10% of the population.

Bob Price is a political analyst and commentator for He is an expert on border security and illegal immigration and also covers stories of local, state and national interest from a Conservative Texas Perspective.  He also volunteers with US Border Watch, a civilian volunteer border security organization, as Communications Director.  He has been with USBW for over four years.

Price is also a regular political commentator on Houston’s Fox 26 and KHOU, Houston Channel 11 where he regularly debates on a wide variety of political issues. He is frequently asked to speak to organizations on the topic of border security, immigration reform and 2nd Amendment issues.

He is a US Air Force veteran, having served overseas during the Cold War and is a retired Lt. Col. from the US Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol where he served in command, public relations, emergency services and youth education capacities.

Please call in and add to the discourse civilly.

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