Obamacare Sabotage: Republicans Putting American’s Health At Risk

Republican Sabotage Obamacare Health ExchangesIt is fact that the Affordable Care Act, Obamacare is the law of the land. It is fact that Obamacare implements healthcare reform based on a Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, policy using private insurance instead of the much less expensive Medicare for All (Single Payer) model that most liberals want.  It is fact that the Congressional Republicans have voted to repeal Obamacare 37 times and counting. It is fact that even as Republicans attempt to repeal Obamacare they have no plausible alternative to solve the key healthcare problems solved by Obamacare.

Obamacare includes exchanges that provide affordable healthcare insurance to all, secure healthcare insurance that cannot be rescinded, provide healthcare insurance that cannot be denied for pre-existing conditions, and provide healthcare insurance that includes early screening for diseases. If Americans understood the facts about Obamacare as opposed to the lies and misinformation maliciously being promoted by Republicans and their cohorts, most would be clamoring for it. This is not a game. It is a life and death issue for many.

Many Republican governors have seen the light and have done the moral thing. Inasmuch as they claim to not like Obamacare, they have decided to implement it fully by accepting Medicaid expansion.

Now that Republicans have failed at every turn, they are now intent on launching two specific campaigns. The first is a push to have Congress use the debt ceiling debate to attempt to defund the exchanges. The second is a massive and immoral sabotage effort, a misinformation campaign on the health exchanges where the uninsured can go to purchase affordable insurance.

Bloomberg reports this as follows.

Heritage Action for America, the advocacy arm of the Heritage Foundation, and the Tea Party-aligned group FreedomWorks will push Congress to cut off funding for the exchanges in the debate later this year over raising the debt ceiling, the Washington-based groups said. The chairman of the advocacy group Restore America’s Voice, Ken Hoagland, said he plans to warn people through advertising about the “dysfunctional” exchanges.

While opposition to the health-care program is nothing new, the tactics are changing. Rather than focusing on repealing the law in Congress and the courts, two avenues that have failed so far, the groups are aiming to prevent the cornerstone of the legislation, the insurance exchanges, from succeeding. Their goal is to limit enrollments, drive up costs, and make it easier to roll back all or part of the law later.

“If you’re committed to making sure Obamacare doesn’t go into effect, you have to focus on the expansion and on the exchanges,” said Dan Holler, a spokesman for Heritage Action. “Once you have people under a program, it’s really hard to change that system no matter how badly it needs change.”

Democratic supporters of the health-care law said critics are afraid that the measure will be a success and are out to prevent it.


Republicans are playing a dangerous game. They know if healthy people are scared off from joining the exchanges, then the cost of insurance on the exchanges would skyrocket and likely fail under its own weight. Ironically, under said eventuality Americans are either taken care of by the taxpayers, increased premiums for everyone else, and yes, many will simply die.

Republicans biggest fear however is the eventual success of Obamacare. Putting obstacles at every turn slows the process down even as many Americans are systematically hurt by their actions.

Because of the lack of funding from the Republicans’ intransigence in Congress, secretary of the Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has had to resort to raising private funds (e.g., Enroll America) to aid in real truthful education on Obamacare and options for every American citizen.

Maybe Republicans should read this. They would learn that government can play a role in making lives better for all without damaging the country’s productivity or work ethic.

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