March 28, 2015

Texas Kingwood Park High School teacher, Zachary Burton Harlan, accused of sex with student (VIDEO)

Another Texas teacher, Zachary Burton Harlan, charged with improper relationship with student.

Zachary Burton Harlan Kingwood Park High School sexual relationship student

Another Texas teacher is in trouble with the law. A Kingwood Park High School teacher in Kingwood was officially charged on January 23rd with an improper relationship with a 17 year old student. Zachary Burton Harlan, 35, was placed on administrative on November 8th, 2013.

 The Kingwood Observer is reporting today the following. Zachary Burton Harlan confessed to the principal and gave a written statement that contained the following.

Our conversations and emails began to become flirtatious and then inappropriate. I allowed her to become attached to me on a person level and I allowed myself to do the same. Our roles began to change as I began to take on a caregiver role and she began to rely on me.…At time, my relationship with the student got carried away and I allowed it to go too far.

Court documents state that the Kingwood Park High School principal, Lisa Drabing, was notified by an anonymous caller of the relationship. When Lisa Harlan called the student into her office, the student eventually confessed that she was having a sexual relationship with Zachary Burton Harlan.

According to ABC13,

The teen told Humble ISD police that she had emailed numerous times with Harlan between September and November 2013. Police investigated the girl’s emails, with her consent, and say they found evidence of a sexual relationship between the teen and Harlan.

Harlan refused an interview with police. Bail in the case has been set at $10,000.

According to KHOU,

Back in November of 2013, school officials sent out letters to parents with Harlan’s name on it, but KHOU 11 News did not identify him, because he had not been charged.

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