April 23, 2014

Listen closely, Elizabeth Warren leaves door wide open to run (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren

ABCNews ran an interesting interview with Elizabeth Warren yesterday that will likely give pause to Hilary Clinton. It will likely upset President Obama as well. In doing both it will likely make Elizabeth Warren seem even more a potential presidential candidate. “I read a number of articles just within the last week,” journalist David Muir said. “And one of them is titled, Hilary’s nightmare. And they are talking about you.” Senator Elizabeth Warren smiled somewhat uncomfortably. “You know, I don’t get who writes these headlines or what they are about,” Elizabeth Warren said. “I think there is just kind of a pundit world out there.” David Muir then asked her if she is going to run. Her answer left the door wide open by the care and coy in how she responded. “I am not running for president,” Elizabeth Warren said. David asked if there is anything that could change her mind. “David, like I said, I am not running for president,” she reiterated. When asked if Hilary Clinton would make a good president … [Read more...]

Conservatives Bill Kristol & SE Cupp Slams Rancher Cliven Bundy (VIDEO)

SE Cupp

Many conservatives have been coming to the defense of deadbeat tax and fee evading rancher Cliven Bundy. Fox News has been irresponsibly adding gasoline to the fire as they gave Cliven Bundy and his gang of domestic terrorists a platform. Martha Raddatz asked if Senator Harry Reid's (D-NV) characterization of Cliven Bundy as a domestic terrorist was appropriate. Today sanity reigned from two conservatives. SE Cupp and Bill Kristol did not defend Cliven Bundy. While they took exception to Harry Reid’s characterization of Cliven Bundy as a terrorist, they made it quite evident he was not their hero. One wonders if they were listening to Kystal Ball and her excoriation of these false patriots. ThisWeek Transcript - SE Cupp, Donna Brazile, & Bill Kristol Martha Raddatz: This is what Harry Reid, the Senator from Nevada said about this. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV): These people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not, they're nothing more than domestic terrorists. I repeat, what went on up there i … [Read more...]

Cokie Roberts belittle homophobes Rev. Franklin Graham & Ralph Reed (VIDEO)

Cokie Roberts Ralph Reid

Cokie Roberts came out swinging in her rather civil manner on Sunday’s ThisWeek with George Stephanopoulos. She challenged both Ralph Reed and Reverend Franklin Graham. Cokie Roberts made Ralph Reed seem rather clueless when he stated that the preponderance of evidence shows children of gays do not do as well. Cokie asked if he was suggesting orphanages was better than a loving gay family. It should be noted that Ralph Reed’s data like that of most homophobic religious zealots are wrong. Many studies reveal there is no real difference. Cokie Roberts challenge to Reverend Franklin was epic. He stated that gays needed to seek repentance. “There is a lot of gay people who feel that they are sinners,” Cokie Roberts said. “but not because they're gay.” Following is the transcript of a snippet of the segment. Transcript of Cokie Roberts civilly  shaming two homophobes Ralph Reed: This is about what's best for children here in the United States. And the social science is irrefutable. And it is that a chi … [Read more...]

Press Release: Major protest at Boys & Girls Club in Benton Harbor Michigan


Press release Contact: Rev Edward Pinkney – Tel: 269-925-0001 Major protest Wednesday, 3pm April 23, 2014 Boys and Girls Club  Empire Ave., Benton Harbor, Michigan. John Howard, Director of the Boys and Girls Club in Benton Harbor, was forced to resign after eight years, only because he supported mayoral candidate Marcus Muhammad for Mayor. John Howard was a role model for the community and ran a successful organization for the children of Benton Harbor. He was given an ultimatum:  quit and take a benefit package, or quietly be let go with no severance of any kind. Boys and Girls Club CEO Brian Sexton who gave Howard the ultimatum. We are demanding that Brian Sexton resign by May 1. 2014. We will protest until he resigns.  Call Jack Clark the National President of the Boys and Girls Club at 404-487-5700. Local CEO Brian Saxton  269-926-8766. Rev Edward Pinkney bhbanco.org  blogtalkradio.com/rev-pinkney Pinkney to Pinkney show Every Sunday 5pm ET Burn Baby Burn … [Read more...]

Politics Done Right on KPFT 90.1 FM – States not expanding Obamacare are causing the deaths of citizens – Monday 9 PM CST

Politics Done Right,KPFT,90.1 FM,Egberto Willies,Coffee Party,pdr

Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies Tune in Monday 9:00 PM on KPFT 90.1 FM (Houston Area) Live stream: http://KPFT.org (Entire USA) - Podcasts: <here> Call (713) 526-5738 to talk to me on air. This week’s show April 21th, 2014 States not expanding Obamacare are causing the deaths of citizens Today’s show is a discussion with you about the biggest poorly reported travesty occurring in our country. Some governors are causing the deaths of thousands of their citizens. While the talking heads on TV talk Obamacare strategy and how it will affect the 2014 elections, they continue to effect a disservice on every American citizen. Why because they concentrate on frivolities. The truly impactful aspects of Obamacare are under-covered yet the fallacies are given plausibility. Where is Charlene Dill’s story? Where is Elizabeth Hand’s story? Surely in a mobile country like the United States one has relatives in both Red States and Blue States. Everyone must be made aware of the different … [Read more...]

It’s time for truth. States not expanding Obamacare are causing the deaths of citizens

Medicaid Expansion Obamacare

The President stepped into the press room to discuss the crisis in Ukraine and to provide his sympathy for the Korean maritime tragedy on Thursday. He had a confident hop in his step as he approached the stadium. He had something big to say about healthcare. Actual Obamacare results are in. And in most cases they are exceeding expectations. 8 Million+ citizens are now enrolled in Obamacare. 35% of citizens enrolled in Obamacare are under 35 years old. Obamacare has brought economic security to all consumers of health insurance. Over 14 million have received insurance over the exchanges and via the Medicaid expansion to Obamacare. Medical cost is now growing at less than 1/2 the previous rates. Obamacare is shrinking the deficits. It is fact that repealing Obamacare would increase the budget deficit, raise premiums, and take away insurance from millions of Americans. When asked if Democrats should campaign on Obamacare, President Obama said the following. Democrats should forcefully defend … [Read more...]

Politics Done Right on Coffee Party Radio- Is rancher Cliven Bundy a domestic terrorist? Sat 12-1PM CST

Politics Done Right,KPFT,90.1 FM,Egberto Willies,Coffee Party,pdr

Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies Saturday 12:00 Noon Central Call (646) 929-2495 to talk to me live.  Listen On Computer/Smartphone Live/Podcast: HERE This week’s show Is rancher  Cliven Bundy a domestic terrorist? Cliven Bundy is a rancher in Nevada. He believes the Federal Government is foreign. He does not pay taxes. He does not pay the required grazing fees required to have his cattle graze on federal public lands. Cliven Bundy have continuously lost his case in court. Still, when the government went to seize his cattle for his million dollar bill, many from Right Wing militias from across the country came to his rescue. They came with rifles, sniper guns, and other weapons. They pointed these at our law and order personnel. On Thursday, Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) said Cliven Bundy and his band of thugs are domestic terrorists. Picture a group of Muslim men similarly equipped when the Federal Government attempted to serve a warrant in a mosque. Would the government have beh … [Read more...]

I got under NewsBusters’ skin again. I am labeled a Lefty Blogger

NewsBusters Egberto Willies Lefty Blogger

I guess NewsBusters must be periodically monitoring my blogs. First they picked up my story about  Fox News being a clear and present danger.Then they picked up my story stating that Syria was not the war to fight but instead with much that ills our democracy. This week they decided to tackle my article about bloggers becoming the real news media. Daily Kos: Lefty Bloggers Are the Antidote to Conservative-Enabling Old Media Liberals often complain about the mainstream media's unwillingness to state that many right-wing talking points are (supposedly) bogus and even bizarre. One such liberal, media critic Eric Alterman, wrote last year that "[o]ver and over, no matter what the issue—no matter how outlandish, illogical, or simply untrue the conservative argument has been—journalists create a sense of false equivalence between positions that rest on data and logic and those that don’t." This past Sunday, Daily Kos featured writer Egberto Willies blasted the MSM for failing to expose alleged GOP lies abou … [Read more...]

Harry Reid says Cliven Bundy is a domestic terrorist. Ed Schultz agrees. (VIDEO)

Harry Reid Cliven Bundy

Anyone who  followed the Cliven Bundy ranch stand off should have been in shocked. Citizens with guns and automatic weapons were spewed all over the highway and  surrounding land. They had snipers with  government law enforcement officers in their crosshairs. These are scenes one sees in third world countries where orderly transition of government is not the norm. Yet these lawless actions are being celebrated by Fox News and many on the Right. When will the Right Wing step back into reality? When will they get over their anti-government derangement syndrome? When will they start supporting sane governing again to ensure the well-being of the country? The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the following. U.S. Sen. Harry Reid on Thursday called supporters of Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy “domestic terrorists” because they defended him against a Bureau of Land Management cattle roundup with guns and put their children in harm’s way. “Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re … [Read more...]

Texans thanking President Obama helped by Obamacare during visit to Austin

Obamacare Texas

These are the stories that never make it on the 5:00 o’clock or 6:00 o’clock news. President Obama visited Texas last week. He had a chance to visit with Texas families personally impacted by the health care law, Obamacare. Texas is one of the Republican states that is denying thousands of its citizens the right to healthcare through the Medicaid expansion to Obamacare. As reported in DailyKOS, The federal government will pay for 100 percent of the cost of the Medicaid expansion until 2017 and 90 percent after that. Each state is then on the hook for the other 10 percent. The loss to rejectionist red state coffers, the Commonwealth Fund found, is staggering. As USA Today summed it up: By 2022, Texas could lose $9.2 billion by not expanding Medicaid as allowed under the Affordable Care Act, while Florida could lose $5 billion over that period, the study conducted by The Commonwealth Fund shows...Also during that period, the study showed, Georgia could lose $2.9 billion, while Virginia could lose $2.8 bil … [Read more...]