December 18, 2014

President Obama’s Cuba policy change is simply the actualization of his past statements (VIDEO)

President Obama's Cuba policy change is simply the actualization of his past statement.

President Obama Cuba policy a promise fulfilled Why did it take so long? Why did no previous American President have the courage to engage with Cuba? As shown above, President Obama was never a fan of America's Cuba policy. In Carbondale, Illinois he was explicit. "I think it's time for us to end the embargo on Cuba," then Senator Obama said. "The Cuba embargo has failed to provide the source of rising standards of living and has squeezed the innocent in Cuba. .. It's time for us to acknowledge that that particular policy has failed." Back in 2008 the President Obama went in front of an anti-Castro group and articulated the same sentiment while running for President. One should remember that he won Florida, home of most Cuban expats, twice. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We have had virtually the same Cuba policy for over 50 years. We have established relations with China, the largest communist country on the planet. We have established … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart ridicules Congress with his take on spending bill (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart's ridicules Congress with his take on spending bll (Omnibus bill).

Jon Stewart on Omnibus bill: The Bill Cosby Of Legislation' Jon Stewart called out the mockery Congress has made of legislating for the American people. He first shows snippets of news reports that highlight some irresponsible spending, $64 Billion on Mideast wars, $521 Million for the military. Fiscal irresponsibility? At least Vice-president Biden did not get a raise. They saved the taxpayer a few pennies. Jon Stewart notes that the Omnibus spending bill cuts the budget of the EPA and the IRS. It removed the ban on the incandescent light bulb. Really? It almost seems like politicians are ensuring we remain energy dependent in order to ensure the viability of the entire fossil fuel energy industry. Jon Stewart was most shocked by the item in the bill that stopped DC from implementing the law passed by most residents of Washington, DC to allow the use of marijuana.  He came to the appropriate conclusion, these politicians were legislating from a spending bill. John Stewart continued his rant. He … [Read more...]

Man in viral social media photo that sexually assaulted Houston teen Jada was arrested and charged (VIDEO)

Man that sexually assaulted Jada in Houston arrested and charged #IAMJADA

Jada's vindication Jada must feel vindicated today. She appeared once again on Ronan Farrow Daily to discuss how she is doing after the ordeal last summer. Jada was sexually assaulted last summer. She went to a house hanging-out party and was seemingly drugged. She passed out and several boys took pictures and videos of her. Jada was raped. Photos of her entire ordeal went viral on social media. Jada did not cower nor did she hide under a rock. She spoke out then and she is speaking our now. Click2Houston reported the following. HOUSTON - A 19-year-old boy accused of participating in the gang rape of a teen girl at a party has been charged. Clinton Onyeahialam was charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child. According to court documents, Onyeahialam sexually assaulted two teen girls on June 1. Jada, one of the victims, spoke out about her alleged rape after photos of the incident went viral on social media. Instead of remaining anonymous, Jada, along with family, friends and … [Read more...]

Victoria Texas police officer Nathanial Robinson violently Tasered 78yr old man, Pete Vasquez (VIDEO)

Texas police officer Nathanial Robinson Tasered 78yr old Pete Vasquez

Police brutality continues It definitely evident that there is a real problem with policing in America. Inasmuch as police find themselves under scrutiny by cameras from the citizens, businesses, and their own, some continue undeterred with their brutality. Officer Nathanial Robinson stopped Pete Vasquez purportedly for an expired inspection sticker. The seemingly ignorant officer did not understand that a dealer car with dealer plates did not require an inspection sticker. Instead of listening to Pete Vasquez explaining the cop's error, it was obvious from the video that the 'Almighty Officer' was not interested in having Pete Vasquez speak. He should have. ABC13 reported the following. VICTORIA, TX -- A Victoria police officer has been placed on administrative duty after his dashboard camera caught him Tasering an elderly man. In the video obtained by the Victoria Advocate, Officer Nathanial Robinson is seen arresting 76-year-old Pete Vasquez, when he suddenly throws Vasquez onto the hood of … [Read more...]

Ted Cruz apologizes. Was he brought to his knees behind closed doors?

Ted Cruz

Republicans are really pissed off at Ted Cruz Over the weekend Ted Cruz drew the wrath of the entire Senate, both Republicans and Democrats. How did he do that? Senators had expected to go home over the weekend to celebrate different events with their families. Senators thought they all had a bi-partisan agreement that they would finalize after the weekend. New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte actually went home to attend "The Nutcracker" with her children. She had to run back to Washington DC. Other Senators had various plans. They were however stuck in Washington over the weekend as reported here. Yet, Texas Senator Ted Cruz along with his wing man Utah Senator Mike Lee held the Senate hostage. They decided they would not abide by the agreement. Politico recaps the genesis of the fight as follows. What provoked the fight in the first place were demands by both Cruz and Lee for a vote blocking Obama’s executive action to defer deportations on millions of immigrants in the country illegally. Reid … [Read more...]

When media covers news that’s not news all suffer as real news ignored


Hyperventilating news hurt us all The American news media is at it again. One Muslim gunman holds up a cafe in Sydney Australia. That one gunman creates a news story that goes unabated for over 24 hours is the height of dereliction. What would happen if 10 Muslims at one time are in the process of holding up a store in ten cities around the world? It would be enough to bring the American media to its knees. There are likely scores of these events occurring throughout the country, let alone the world with no coverage. Why? The false narrative of fear - the fear that keeps every American engaged in issues anathema to their real needs, a fear that keeps Americans  so frazzled that they cannot think about things that really impact their daily lives, a fear that keeps Americans from looking out for their long term interests, a fear that would have them elect scheming politicians with the best sounding stories however untrue. Who is covering the David Hooks story? Have you heard about it?  David Hooks … [Read more...]

Elizabeth Warren is America’s best option after Wall Street big win in Congress (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren

The speech that could make Elizabeth Warren President It is evident that the Democratic establishment is worried about Elizabeth Warren. She was brought into the Senate leadership recently likely with the expectation that she would temper her populist demands. There is an article in FiveThirtyEight titled "Elizabeth Warren Wouldn't Be 2016's Obama, But She Could Be Its John Edwards" that can only be considered part of the narrative attempting to temper Senator Elizabeth Warren's growing gravitas and and temper support for her as a potential presidential candidate. One way we know Warren isn’t the 2008 Obama is the thermometer test. It’s a good way to test a relatively unknown potential candidate’s likability. It asks people (not counting those who don’t yet have an opinion) on a scale from 0 to 100 how they feel about a person. Warren’s average temperature among Democrats nationally was 63.9 in a Quinnipiac University survey conducted in March; that’s behind Clinton’s 78.7. Among all voters, Warren was … [Read more...]

ACA Marketplace (Obamacare) deadline approaching. Calculate your rate and subsidies.

Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator

Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator December 15th, 2014 at midnight is the deadline to ensure health insurance coverage is effective by the first of the year 2015. Do not delay in figuring out your options. The Health Insurance Marketplace Calculator is easy to use irrespective of the state that one resides in. It is provided by the most reputable 'The Henry Kaiser J Family Foundation'. Jeffrey Young at the Huffington Post puts it most succinctly. Don't delay! If you're one of these people and don't visit HealthCare.gov or your state's exchange, you won't be able to get a new plan until February, and the last chance to choose a plan for any part of next year is Feb. 15 (except under special circumstances). Five state's exchanges have different deadlines: Dec. 18 in Maryland and Dec. 23 in Idaho, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Washington state. These deadlines only apply to people who buy health insurance through an exchange, a broker or directly from an insurer -- not those who get health … [Read more...]

The movement is spreading as Texas A&M University join nationwide ‘White Coat Die-in’ #whitecoats4blacklives

Texas A&M University, White Coats for Black Lives, #WhiteCoats4BlackLives

A good friend who works in College Station, home of the venerable Texas A&M University called. He said. "You know this movement is real when deep in the heart of Texas, medical students are joining in for change." It turns out, Texas A&M answered the call announced on the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) website. They were engaging. Lakecia Pitts is a second year medical student at Texas A&M Health Science College of medicine. She helped put the event together. "It was pretty much a national event put on by Medical students all over the country," Lekecia Pitts said. "in order to bring the country national awareness to the issue of injustice that we are seeing in our country. In particular the authorities reached the decision not to indict the police officers that killed Michael Brown and Eric Garner." Lekecia said that this was a very last minute event. The medical students heard about it the day before the event. They immediately jumped into action by using social media to … [Read more...]

Right Wing Conservative, Laura Ingraham, is mostly right about Republican & Democratic establishment

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is absolutely correct on this one A non-working clock has the correct time twice a day. It is proof positive that a country is in trouble when a Right Wing Conservative like Laura Ingraham agrees with Left Wing Liberals. Why? It means that the folks that generally best represent the aggregate pulse of America are so completely dysfunctional that the buffer that keeps the nation together is broken. Laura Ingraham said the following when discussing the Omnibus bill that was just passed by both the House and the Senate. "You know what the problem is? It is that we have two parties that agree with each other on too many issues," said Laura Ingraham. "They agree on open borders, they agree on immigration amnesty, they agree on Common Core, and apparently they agree that we should be able to, individuals should be able to give hundreds of thousands of dollars, now like ten fold I think almost the number, to the political parties. Now I am not in favor of anything that makes it easier for the … [Read more...]