April 18, 2015

Republican repeal of estate tax a big tax break to rich freeloaders

Estate Tax, Death Tax, Frank Luntz

An estate tax is not a death tax. It is a mathematically necessary tax   Talk is cheap. You know one's values not by what they say but what they do. Both political parties coddle the rich and the powerful. In a country where corporations are legally considered individual persons with rights of humans it is unavoidable. In a country where money is considered speech, it means corporations and the wealthy have more speech than the average citizen. It is no wonder that inasmuch as the American middle-class is hurting and in need of a break, the one bill Congress had no problems passing was a bill to repeal the estate tax. What is the estate tax? The estate tax is the tax levied on the assets of a someone who died before it is redistributed. Frank Luntz, the Republican wordsmither, renamed the tax. He has all Republicans and the media referring to it as the death tax. His intent is to make it sound ominous and to some extent he has been successful. HuffPost reports that The House of … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Constitution makes it easier to make war than peace (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart - Constitution makes it easier to make war than peace

War much easier than peace Jon Stewart used his show to point out many ironies that the Senate opposition to the agreement with Iran illustrated. He first played clips of several Senators as they disparaged an agreement they evidently had not seen. The reality is that very few believed that the Obama administration would get as tough of an agreement as the administration did. Many Senators had already had their talking points ready. Irrespective of the reality, they were going to use them. Jon Stewart exposed Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) as the warmongering inexperienced Senator that he is. On April 7th, Cotton was interviewed on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins. So what did Cotton recommend instead of peaceful negotiations? "Something more along the lines of what President Clinton did in December 1998," Tom Cotton said. "several days of air and naval bombing against Iraq's weapons of mass destruction facilities." Jon Stewart went on to point out that Congressional outrage was selective. He … [Read more...]

Hardliners desperately seeking Satan by John Young

War hardliners

Hardliners know the only alternative is war? Chances of war with Iran, says career Middle East journalist Barbara Slavin, went down “a gazillion” with the framework for a nuclear agreement. Ah, fudge. Never fear. Or fear. Hardliners in Congress will do their very best to change the percentages. Slavin, who covered Iran for the Washington Post and is now senior fellow with the Atlantic Council, told The Hill that Congress should “declare victory” and join other nations that helped hammer out the deal. With those countries — Russia, China, France, the United Kingdom and Germany, with general participation by the European Union — the United States would be in a powerful position to monitor whether Iran abides by its pledge to limit nuclear development to peaceful means. We don’t want that, say congressional Republicans. That depends on who the “we” is. An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 59 percent of Americans do. They agree with President Obama on the best way to ensure peace: “We will … [Read more...]

Hillary Clinton Presidential Announcement Video and Biography (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's announcement video This week Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for President of the United States. To be clear, of everyone expressing interest in running thus far I believe Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate. That said I would love to have a battle of ideas with other women (and maybe a few men) challenging her in a primary. This election is too important for a coronation. The reality is America in need of a real Liberal that will stand up for progressive values, the values that moved this country forward. Since the Ronald Reagan's/George HW Bush's trickle-down economics, Bill Clinton's triangulation, George W Bush's neoconic incompetence, and Barack Obama's over-cautious governance the middle class has been in decline. Progressives must define and promote a plausible shakeup of the current economic model. They must then choose a candidate in the primaries that will jump on board. Hillary Clinton's Biography Hillary Clinton has served as Secretary … [Read more...]

Has Obamacare really made most voters Conservative?

An enslaved mind Conservative

It is about enslaved minds not Conservative change New York Times contributing op-ed writer Thomas B. Edsall wrote an incredulous article titled "Obamacare Turned Voters Against Sharing the Wealth" that is worth reading. After reading one should understand the cyclicality of Right Wing misinformation. Thomas B. Edsall starts with a bold statement. With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, the share of Americans convinced that health care is a right shrank from a majority to a minority. This shift in public opinion is a major victory for the Republican Party. It is part of a larger trend: a steady decline in support for redistributive government policies. Edsall bases that statement on a couple of studies, specifically "How Elastic Are Preference For Redistribution? Evidence From Randomized Survey Experiments." The paper is well written and even provides the test that participants took. The conclusion from the experiment. The General Social Survey shows there has been a slight decrease in stated … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart makes fun of Marco Rubio & Hillary Clinton news media coverage (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart makes fun of Marco Rubio & Hillary Clinton news coverage

Jon Stewart points out the sad state of news media Once again the traditional mainstream media gave Jon Stewart ample material to put their ineptitude on display. On the same day that Marco Rubio declared his run for the Republican nomination for the presidency of the United States with his big speech, Hillary Clinton stopped at a Chipotle to order a burrito bowl. Guess which act got first billing? Hillary Clinton's stop at Chipotle was the headline. The different networks created a number of superfluous stories around that one stop. What did she order? She ordered a chicken burrito with black beans. Another station commenting on her getting an ice tea. Fox News complained. She displayed a lack of transparency because she is driving around in a 'secret mobile'. She is not relatable. She goes into Chipotle 'dressed up'. Marco Rubio gave a compelling speech irrespective of one's ideology when he declared his candidacy. Yet, most in the media concentrated on Hillary Clinton's lunch. It is no longer … [Read more...]

Jon Stewart: Understood Middle East turmoil in less than 3 minutes (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart get unexpected answer from Bassem Youssef on Middle East

Bassem Youssef schooled Jon Stewart on Middle East The Middle East is in turmoil. The genesis of that turmoil is multifaceted. Past colonialism, foreign governments intervention, greed, religion, and many other factors are all responsible. Bassem Youssef appeared on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, not to explain causes but explain the realities of the complexities within the region. "There are so many parts and wars going on in the Middle East it almost appears that we are fighting ourselves," Jon Stewart says. "To help us understand the various angles of operation 'Sandy Quagmire' we are joined by Senior Middle East Correspondent Bassem Youssef." Jon Stewart pointed out that America is fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda, trying to keep away nuclear weapons from Iran, and involved in a proxy war in Yemen on the side of Iran. He wants to know who is actually coming to kill Americans. Youssef  responded that none of them are interested in coming to kill Americans. He pointed out that the different factions that … [Read more...]

Dash Cam video of Marana Arizona Police cruiser running over suspect (VIDEO)

Marana Police cruiser runs over suspect

Marana Arizona police officer likely saved this suspect's life I was all ready to go 'here we go again'. This story led ABC World News. In these times where it seems police have been brutally killing or attacking many citizens, mostly minorities, the fingers were getting ready to put out yet another excoriation of the mounting numbers of really bad cops. Could this officer have acted differently? Yes. But in examining the tape 'differently' likely meant many police officers gunning this suspect down as it is evident from the tape that the suspect, Mario Valencia, had shot a presumably loaded gun into the air. Doing a little research solidified that second look rather quickly. Tucson News Now reported the following. Then, in a decision that Marana police Chief Terry Rozema says probably saved Valencia's life, officer Michael Rapiejko drives his cruiser onto the sidewalk and rams Valencia. ... According to Marana police, Valencia was fleeing from the Walmart at 8280 N. Cortaro Road, near … [Read more...]

Bill O’Reilly threatens Hillary Clinton and scares White men and Christians (VIDEO)

Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly starts a new form of a politics of fear Monday night Bill O'Reilly's talking points memo was quite interesting and dangerous. If one listened to the tonality of the piece, it sounded rather level headed. Examining the words and interpreting their associations made it a rather sinister piece that was perfectly laid out to engender a visceral fear of Hillary Clinton. His Talking Points Commentary started innocent enough. He played pieces of the Hillary Clinton announcement video. He then started to enumerate many of the known economic ills most poor and middle-class Americans are going through. He questions whether Hillary Clinton "embraces or rejects the economic policies of President Obama." He implies that it is President Obama's policies that are at fault instead of an intransigent Congress that refuses to allow the implementation of the President's Middle-class economics. After all, we are still operating under the tenets of trickle-down economics that have decimated the … [Read more...]

This message should flow from the tongue of every Liberal effortlessly (VIDEO)

This message should flow from the tonge of every Liberal effortlessly

Honest and truthful dialogue is important between all sides and factions. Most importantly all factions, sides, and ideologies should be able to express the reasons for their belief in said ideologies. Being able to express the truthful reasons for supporting a specific ideology lends itself to an objective dialogue based on ones moral compass, ones level of societal empathy, and much more. In fact when the truth of ones ideology is expressed, it can actually cause a reconsideration. Speaking as a Liberal, one of the most impactful sequences on the series West Wing was the debate between Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) and Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda). Victor Sifuentes was running as the Liberal Democrat and Arnold Vinick as the Conservative Republican. When Arnold Vinick pointed out that many Liberals feared the word Liberal so much so that they now refer to themselves as Progressives, Matt Santos shot back in the dialogue. "I know you like to use that word Liberal as if it were a crime." He continued with … [Read more...]