January 29, 2015

I touched a nerve. NewsBusters picked up my DailyKOS article on Obama YouTube Interviews


I must have touched a nerve with my DailyKOS article titled "The future of the news media is mostly you." Everyone knows that is too egalitarian a statement for the Right Wing. Writer Tom Johnson at NewsBusters picked up the article. He analyzed the article in his post titled "Daily Kos: Obama Talked With YouTube Personalities In Order to Bypass Hostile Mainstream Media." It is evident his intent was to remind readers of what he believes the conventional wisdom of President Obama reaching out to YouTube vloggers was. He said the following. The conventional wisdom on why President Obama recently granted interviews to three YouTube personalities is that he wanted to reach a new audience. Daily Kos writer Egberto Willies endorsed a somewhat different explanation in a Sunday post: that Obama talked with the video bloggers because he’s fed up with the mainstream media’s bias against him and his policies. According to Willies, the traditional media’s misdeeds include lending “plausibility to the lies that … [Read more...]

Our grandparents were more ‘green’ than us. They conserved.

The Green Thing Our grandparents used green energy and conservation before we new the term

My mother sent me an email with the message below today. I am not sure if she was sending me a message because of something I said or not. That said it is worth a read. A lot of times we believe with our 'superior knowledge' over those old folks we can scold them for past behaviors we interpret under colored light. You are likely to get a chuckle. The Green Thing -- if you are like me it will make you wonder about our own presumptuousness. The Green Thing Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the much older lady that she should bring her own grocery bags, because plastic bags are not good for the environment. The woman apologized to the young girl and explained, "We didn't have this 'green thing' back in my earlier days." The young clerk responded, "That's our problem today. Your generation did not care enough to save our environment for future generations." The older lady said that she was right – her generation didn't have the "green thing" in its day. The older … [Read more...]

Chris Matthews to GOP operative ‘You know why I am really against your party?’ (VIDEO)

Chris Matthews to GOP operative 'You know why I am really against your party

Chris Matthews slams GOP Party Chris Matthews ran a segment called the "The Clown Car Returns" where he ran some clips of Republican presidential hopefuls' speeches in Iowa. They were at an event co-sponsored by controversial Congressman Steve King (R-IA) in Iowa. He showed clips of speeches given by Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Scott Walker, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, and Rick Perry at the event. Chris Matthews then posited the real question. "That reminds me of tagging up in base ball," Matthews said. "Candidates have to touch first base before rounding the horn. But is Steve King the base Republicans really want to tag?" GOP operative John Brabender initially seemed to agree that Republicans' inability to support an increase in the  minimum wage is a problem. But subsequently he implied that the speeches given by Republicans at the event were positive pretty much because Republicans did not pin themselves down on social issues. Joan Walsh refuted his statement by specifying where each … [Read more...]

My latest hate mail from a Texas Right Winger – Hiatus please?

Hate Mail

My wife walked into my home office with a disturbed look on her face. "I think you got another one," she said. "Another one of what?" I asked. "Does this not look like one a hate mail?" she asked. Yup. It was. This one was a bit heavier so I decided to shake it and open carefully. I recognized the handwriting and tone immediately. After-all, this person sent me this hate mail a few months back before the election. The hate mail author took quite a bit of time to cut out newspaper articles. The articles were annotated to ensure I read portions deemed important to rub salt into the wound. A photo of the email is below but here is the text of the hate mail. Dear Losers, Thought you'd enjoy reading about the great Republican victory over the Democrats. Obama is a disgrace. He lost the election for all you dems. He blew it. The first black (ell mulatto, anyway) President is a huge failure. A huge failure and disgrace. Suck it up losers. You sure wasted a lot of money on the mid-terms. :) I am use to … [Read more...]

This is why I hated American Sniper, another shallow movie.

American Sniper

 American Sniper, Mission Accomplished It was the birthday of my a dear friend this weekend. We all went out to dinner (three couples). Birthday boy wanted to go to a movie after dinner. With all the attention given to American Sniper over the last few weeks I was sure that would be the chosen movie. It was. I will say upfront that I hated the movie. I think the fuss has been used strategically to increase its box office prowess. That said, our soldiers  do what most Americans are unwilling to do. They are in fact true patriots as they have signed up to possibly die for whatever our flawed leaders send them to do. I did not hate American Sniper because I believe snipers are cowards as was articulated by Michael Moore. I do not believe any soldier that fought any war can be considered a coward. A sniper is a soldier with an important job in war. I did not hate the movie because I thought the movie dehumanized the Iraqis. American movies have always dehumanized 'the other', women, minorities … [Read more...]

The future of the news media is mostly you, not the traditional mainstream media (VIDEO)

The News Media is you as traditional mainstream media derelict

The new traditional mainstream media? The President was interviewed by three popular YouTube video bloggers (vloggers) on Thursday, Hank Green, Glozell Green, and Bethany Mota. They received almost one hour of the President’s coveted time. Who are these vloggers that merited such distinction? These are vloggers with a combined reach of over 15 million YouTube viewers. It wasn’t long before the attacks on the President began for bringing three vloggers into the White House. “Megan, I am not some old media curmudgeon saying Obama shouldn’t go on Helen, The View, or Colbert,” Fox News Howard Kurtz said. He’s got a good sense of humor. It’s a political asset. But it just seemed beneath the dignity of the office to be hanging out with some of these YouTubers.” Howard Kurtz seemed upset that Hank Green thanked the President for Obamacare and that Bethany Mota thought his answers were awesome. “Maybe this is how the President wants the press core to act around him,” Howard Kurtz said. Fox News’ Megan … [Read more...]

Guess who is offering Middle Class tax hikes

GOP Republican Governors Raising Middle Class Taxes

Republican middle class tax hikes will hurt most There is a must read New York Time article that should raise the ire of every American citizens. Republicans have always run on the mantra of tax cuts and low regulations. That has never been true for most middle class Americans. Any time taxes are cut it means the benefits a society brings will cost the least of society more. The New York Times article titled "Republican Governors Buck Party Line on Raising Taxes" is a prime example. Most states that have revenue shortfall can generally attribute it to mostly poor taxation. There is always waste that can be eliminated but the reality is even government waste in the hands of the poor and middle class is economically stimulative. What is alarming is that state spending is not keeping up with investments in people necessary to keep the state productively viable. The financial picture for states has stabilized, with five straight years of revenue and spending increases. But when those numbers are … [Read more...]

Melissa Harris-Perry calls out GOP operative Robert Traynham at the point of his lie (VIDEO)

Melissa Harris-Perry calls out GOP operative Robert Traynham at the point of his lie

Melissa Harris-Perry shows how it is done Melissa Harris-Perry did something that many Liberal talking heads on TV rarely do. She called out a lie immediately. "Melissa back in November eight in ten voters said that the economic situation that they currently find themselves in or that they feel they are in is the number one issue as to why they're voting for whatever members of congress that they voted for," said Robert Traynham. "We now know that the vast majority obviously voted for Republicans. This moment that we are in reminds of ...." Melissa Harris-Perry immediately interrupted Robert Traynham. She did not wait for the lie to metastasize. "No! No! No! Back up That's not quite right," Melissa Harris-Perry said. "So there are more Republicans who won not because there was a vast majority more Americans who voted for them but rather because of the way that districts are measured." The reason the Right Wing is so effective is because they know a distinct tenet of our psychology. If one … [Read more...]

Republican Congresswoman slammed with misogyny for scuttling abortion bill

Renee Ellmers

Renee Ellmers Slammed by her Right Wing for scuttling abortion bill Most times politicians are attacked for being spineless. They are attacked for voting for laws that negatively affect their constituents in order to appease a donor, a lobbyist, or a strong advocate. Why would they do that? Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (R-NC) provides a perfect example. Renee Ellmers scuttled a rather restrictive GOP abortion bill. Why did she do that? According to the Weekly Standard, Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, a Republican of North Carolina, has been raising concerns about a late-term abortion ban that the House is scheduled to vote on this week, but she said Wednesday afternoon that she will vote for the bill even if it comes to the floor without changes she wants in it. “I have a very pro-life district, and I’m very pro-life. I will vote for this if it doesn’t change," Ellmers told THE WEEKLY STANDARD. "I will vote for this, and I will have to put out an immediate press release saying I really … [Read more...]

This Congressman calls out class warfare against the middle class (VIDEO)

Jim Clyburn Class Warfare

Congressman Jim Clyburn understands class warfare against the middle class Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said what needed to be said. Many shy away from the term class warfare even as it is effectively decimating the middle class. "The fact of the matter is most of my Republican friends that I have talked to about these issues say that they respect work," Congressman Jim Clyburn said. "They honor people who go to work everyday. Yet we have a tax code that favors those who don't work. If you get your income unearned, you inherit wealth, and you live off that wealth, you will not be paying that many taxes. But if you go to work everyday you are paying the burden of our taxes. And the President wants to bring an end to this class warfare. That is open war against the middle class. And we want to bring that to an end. So I don't know why we cannot sit down, look at the tax code and say 'Hey this is unfair. This mitigates against working men and women.' and lets come out with a tax code that closes these … [Read more...]