September 18, 2014

Bill Maher on giving $3 Billion to Israel – We cannot afford this sh$t anymore

Bill Maher,Israel, We cannot afford this shit

Bill Maher gets it mostly right but he is a bit behind on the news Earlier this week a staunch supporter of Israel, Joe Scarborough, called out Israel for its indiscriminate killing in Gaza. Bill Maher, another staunch supporter of Israel, is ready to let Israel take care of its own military endeavors. “Not only did Republicans block the immigration law,” Bill Maher said. “They blocked aid for wildfire relief out here in the West because they said it would add to the deficit. And I couldn’t help but noticing that we give Israel $3 Billion a year. And we pay three quarters of the tab for NATO who is supposedly fighting Putin. You know what? Putin is Europe’s problem. Israel can take off the training wheels. We’ve got Guatemalan kids and Ebola on our border. We just can’t afford this shit anymore” What Bill Maher forgot to mention was that this week Congress voted to send $225 million more to Israel to restock its Iron Dome yet cannot invest in keeping America's long term unemployed afloat with   … [Read more...]

Bill Maher calls out Tea Party ‘I am scared of the cops and I’m White’

Bill Maher Tea Party

Bill Maher slams Tea Party’s hypocritical silence on a militarized police Bill Maher called out Conservatives and the Tea Party on New Rules. “Is anybody here tonight ever heard of Doraville, Georgia?” Bill Maher asked. “Me neither. But it is a town of 8,000 people and they have their own tank. So does Nixon Missouri and Justice Illinois. What these small towns and hundreds like them have in common is that they and big cities too have been gifted by the pentagon with tons of government surplus war equipment fresh from our glorious victories in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now I understand it is a dangerous world out there and threats change. … We all know what it is like when you get a new toy. You want to use it. … In West Springfield Massachusetts, the police department’s new toy is two grenade launchers. Why? In case Boko Haram take Connecticut?” Bill Maher is not being funny here. According to the New York Times, During the Obama administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received … [Read more...]

Bill Maher slams Republicans for perennial lying – Zombie Lies

Bill Maher Zombie Lies Republican

Bill Maher coins new term for GOP misinformation, Zombie Lies Bill Maher’s New Rules was an excellent take down of the lying industrial complex. He laid out in detail the manner in which irrespective of evidence Republicans blatantly lie about issue after issue seemingly without any consequence. Bill Maher noted that all the lies about Obamacare have been disproven. The lies about Iraq have as well. Yet, in the closed echo chamber in much of today’s Republican Party, reality does not seem to matter. Bill Maher final New Rules follow. Now that there has been an uproar over all the neocons who lied about the Iraq War with no consequences someone must tell me why there isn’t a similar uproar over all the Republicans who lied about Obamacare with no consequences. It’s been four years since the bill passed. Has anybody come across even one death panel? Look, I get it. Neither party has a monopoly on lying. And in fact they all do it so often they invented their own word for it. I misspoke.  .. But how … [Read more...]

Watch Bill Maher: The future of the GOP is between these two guys. One is stupid

Bill Maher

Bill Maher skewer’s Ted  Cruz’s stupidity This was the funniest part of last night’s Overtime after Bill Maher’s Real Time on HBO. What is sad is that it is really true. It is the state of today’s Republican Party. In discussing the future of the party Bill Maher said the following. “It seems to me that the Party,” Bill Maher said. “The future is between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. They are in the same generation. But they are appealing to completely different generations. Ted Cruz, his notion is always, what is the stupidest thing that the stupidest Republican voter out there is thinking, and how can I channel exactly that. He never misses a beat. I said this once, on this show. He never misses. He must have meetings with his staff and say ‘I think this is stupid. But help me out. Is it really stupid?’” Many laugh when one posits that Rand Paul could actually emerge as the Republican nominee. It is not as far fetch as many would think. Many scoff at this notion. They do so at their own peril. Too … [Read more...]

Watch Bill Maher give reason why Hillary Clinton ‘could totally lose’ 2016 election

Bill Maher Hillary Clinton

Bill Maher is correct that Hillary Clinton could lose the 2016 election Bill Maher entertained a possibility many Hillary Clinton fanatics are so far refusing to ponder. Assuming Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency and as expected makes it through the primary, there is no guarantee of a 2016 victory. Too many Democrats share Founder/CEO of I.A.V.A. Paul Rieckhoff’s over confidence that there is no Republicans in the queue that could beat Hillary Clinton. This is the same over confidence that was shared by Gore operatives in the 2000 election. None of them thought that an inarticulate Texan named George W Bush could possibly beat Al Gore. America is now living through the tragedy of that miscalculation. Why did Bill Maher say that Hillary Clinton could lose? He said so because the narrative is being laid out to defeat her. Moreover the tactics being used are multidimensional. They are attacking her age, her health, her competence at the state department, her Wall Street ties, and the former … [Read more...]

Bill Maher to Colorado: Don’t Mess it up. You are “the Jackie Robinson of marijuana legislation”

Bill Maher Jackie Robinson Marijuana Legislation

Bill Maher warns Colorado about  responsible use of marijuana? Bill Maher gave a warning to Colorado in a manner only Bill Maher could. It was a very intelligent skit that may have gone over the heads of many. He started out with perennial New York Times columnist (writer of useless articles with a very large platform) Maureen Dowd. She wrote an article on June 3rd, 2014 about a marijuana hallucinogenic trip she had in Colorado. Maureen Dowd wrote, The caramel-chocolate flavored candy bar looked so innocent, like the Sky Bars I used to love as a child. Sitting in my hotel room in Denver, I nibbled off the end and then, when nothing happened, nibbled some more. I figured if I was reporting on the social revolution rocking Colorado in January, the giddy culmination of pot Prohibition, I should try a taste of legal, edible pot from a local shop. What could go wrong with a bite or two? One would think that an intelligent journalist who decided to try a mind altering chemical whether it be alcohol, … [Read more...]

Anthony Weiner’s embarrassing moment on Real Time w/ Bill Maher

Anthony Weiner

Why was Anthony Weiner calling for a taxi on Real Time with Bill Maher? Sometimes Real Time with Bill Maher’s Overtime online stream is a lot funnier than the HBO broadcast. This time it was at the expense of Anthony Weiner though he may have brought undue attention to himself. Bill Maher takes questions from his online audience and answers them during Overtime. Maher read the following question. “Will the next generations of politicians act differently because their entire lives will be documented on some sort of online platform?” Bill Maher was about to dismiss the question saying he thinks we all would. Before Bill Maher could finish, Anthony Weiner looked at his watched and said, “Look at the time. I got to get home.” The audience and panel busted out into laughter. Anthony Weiner then started shouting, “Taxi, Taxi?” Bill Maher responded that there were no Taxis out there. Maher then said something that should make Anthony Weiner and every politician very happy. “You see, that is interesting. … [Read more...]

Anthony Weiner scolds Republican on Real Time – What ideas do you like?

Anthony Weiner Nicole Wallace

Anthony Weiner scolds Republican Nicole Wallace This week's Real Time with Bill Maher was loaded with memorable snippets. The snippet above shows Anthony Weiner scolding Republican Nicole Wallace during a debate about raising the minimum wage. Nicole Wallace paraphrased Senator Tom Coburn's (R-OK) sarcastic comment when he said, "We don't know what the minimum wage should be. How did they pick ten ten; why not twenty two, why not a hundred dollars?" Nicole Wallace claimed she was not against raising the minimum wage but was concerned with companies that say it would affect hiring. Anthony Weiner shot back. "Why don't we do this," Anthony Weiner said. "Why don't we provide a single healthcare system so their cost of healthcare drop? And all of us have better healthcare. And the economy does better." Nicole Wallace then hypocritically questioned why Democrats who controlled Congress for the first two years of President Obama's administration did not do that. That made Anthony Weiner … [Read more...]

Bill Maher connects America’s Malaysia flight MH370 obsession to our political dysfunction (VIDEO)

Bill Maher Malaysia Flight MH370

Bill Maher on America's obsession w/ Malaysia Flight MH370  Done correctly they can be heard ‘palatably’. Bill Maher takes America’s obsession with Malaysia Flight MH370 as a proxy for many of America’s dysfunctions. Many will only see the humor in the piece. Subsequently the observed absurdities in the piece of what we do politically and otherwise are bound to self-reveal. That is why both Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are so effective. Bill Maher illustrates how America’s obsession with Malaysia is ill-placed given the reality of flight travel. He notes that Americans are uninterested in knowing much about genetically modified foods, the content of impactful legislation, the extent of polluters’ misbehavior, and many other issues. These issues have much more impact on their daily lives. Yet these issues get very little scrutiny from the media. Granted; there are reasons for a continuous effort to find MH370. We should want to know if there is some flaw in the plane that could affect the entire … [Read more...]

Bill Maher – The GOP has become Talk Radio

Bill Maher

There is not much that needs to be added to this Bill Maher snippet. It stands on its own. Bill Maher Transcript of Saturday’s New Rule snippet Last week brought the news that powerful Republican Congressman Mike Rogers was leaving the House to join an already long list of conservative radio hosts that includes Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Monica Crowley, Dennis Prager, Herman Cain, I could go on. But who could blame you for thinking, "Geez, aren't there enough right-wing radio hosts as it is?"  No.  Never.  There are never enough!  Why?  Because the Tea Party always has room for one more voice in their heads. Now politicians have left elected office for TV and radio before, but it says a lot about Congress that someone as powerful as Mike Rogers is doing it.  He's the head of the House Intelligence Committee.  And he said about leaving his post, "Yes, it is an important position, but I think I'd like to try and move the needle on the … [Read more...]