October 21, 2014

Watch Elizabeth Warren tell Bill Maher real reasons 2014 Election matter

Elizabeth Warren, Bill Maher, Student Loan, Election, 2014

Elizabeth Warren knows exactly why the 2014 Election matters and student loans a big part. Elizabeth Warren was a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher a little over a week ago. She was actually the most substantive guest on the show but it got little attention because of the Islamophobic exchange that occurred between Bill Maher, Sam Harris, and Ben Affleck. The gravity of that exchange and the implications it had on an entire community needed to be justifiably challenged. Bill Maher earlier on asked Elizabeth Warren why more Democrats do not speak like she does. Democrats do not provide the full throated populist positions that Elizabeth Warren has been articulating for some time. Her positions and her ability to articulate America's economic ills and unfairness is the reason many think that she ultimately has a better chance of being the president the entire country could rally around. Bill Maher notes that while there is an election coming up in a month or so, many seem oblivious to it. … [Read more...]

Politics Done Right on KPFT 90.1 FM – Stereotyping Islam hurts us all – Monday 9 PM CST

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Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies Tune in Monday 9:00 PM on KPFT 90.1 FM (Houston Area) Live stream: http://KPFT.org (Entire USA) - Podcasts: Call (713) 526-5738 to talk to me on air. This week’s show Not even a much improved Obama economy can save the middle class October 13th, 2014 This is going to be a great show. We will talk about Obama's economy, Islamaphobia, and the healthcare system handling of Ebola. Most importantly we are going to be asking you to contribute to keep KPFT on air. We want shows like Politics Done Right and other good informative shows to continue. Help us. Let’s get busy. Give me a call at (713) 526-5738. That is 713-526-KPFT. Remember you can also send me a tweet to @egbertowillies. Let us engage. It is politics done right. You can also find previous episodes on YouTube here. Blog of the week Please help us build our new Politics Done Right page by LIKEing it now My Blog Posts Of The Week Chuck Todd steps in it again … [Read more...]

Politics Done Right on KPFT 90.1 FM – Stereotyping Islam hurts us all – Monday 9 PM CST

Politics Done Right,KPFT,90.1 FM,Egberto Willies,Coffee Party,pdr

Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies Tune in Monday 9:00 PM on KPFT 90.1 FM (Houston Area) Live stream: http://KPFT.org (Entire USA) - Podcasts: Call (713) 526-5738 to talk to me on air. This week’s show Stereotyping Islam hurts us all October 6th, 2014 I am a fan of Bill Maher. He has the canny ability to break through the minutia. His political acumen is generally very good and well thought out. He does however have a weak spot that he needs to correct. Bill Maher has a following young and not so young. His display of a virulent Islamaphbia is something that Liberals of all stripes must call out and call out strongly. Over the last several months his rhetoric has been over the top. It is not good for our country. Moreover, he is feeding into the Right Wing politics that have led our country astray. Let’s get busy. Give me a call at (713) 526-5738. That is 713-526-KPFT. Remember you can also send me a tweet to @egbertowillies. Let us engage. It is politics done … [Read more...]

Bill Maher slams Americans for GOP bad boys on path to reelection (VIDEO)

Bill Maher slams bad boy politicians

Is our politics dysfunctional because of the corrosive nature of money in politics? The following Real Time with Bill Maher skit makes one wonder. Bill Maher calls out an America that gets the politicians it deserves I want to believe Representative Vance McAllister (R-LA), the Congressman who was caught on tape last year passionately kissing his staffer when he says he is a new man and quote "bless with a great family and a wonderful Christian wife." … We don't ask a lot here in America of our representatives, but last month Politico ran a story on the midterms titled "Good election year for the bad boys of Congress" which detailed how even scandal plagued low lives are none the less cruising to reelection. … This guy ran on being a family values Christian. No wonder when this story broke he quit. Who could recover from hypocrisy that blatant. But now he is back in. Because he remembered something. Oh yea, I live in America. No one is paying attention. Same thing with the Appalachian Trails' most … [Read more...]

John Boehner seem to be pushing American boots on the ground in Iraq AGAIN

John Boehner Boots on the Ground

John Boehner is continuing the escalation.  The drumbeat to war is on again. America should be tired of the false choices they are continuously asked to make. No more false choices. Speak up to John Boehner & President Obama To be clear, ISIS / ISIL is a barbaric, murderous, despicable group. That can be said for many groups throughout the world that get no attention because they are in parts of the world we do not care about. Before America goes into war or creep into war, it must be determined if the price to go in is morally, financially, and humanely in our interest. General Zinni said ISIS / ISIL is not an existential threat to the US on the Bill Maher show on Friday. In fact he stated it is a regional threat. That said, he acknowledged Ebola as an existential threat to the world that merits much more attention. This opinion is shared by many others as stated in the Bill Maher piece. President Obama should follow his two simple but important doctrines. Don’t do stupid stuff. Just … [Read more...]

Bill Maher most sensible discussion on ISIS–The wrong threat

Bill Maher ISIS ISIL Real Time

While Bill Maher's New Rules was a distraction and an unnecessary attack on both Islam and Christianity, he likely had one of the most sensible and substantive discussions on ISIS earlier on. Specifically discussed was whether America is aggressively addressing the proper threat. Real Time with Bill Maher most substantive discussion on US reaction to ISIS / ISIL Bill Maher had John Feehery, Right Wing Republican & President of Quinn Gillespie Communications, General Anthony Zinni, and Charles M. Blow, New York Times columnist on his show Real Time With Bill Maher. It provided a multi-angled discussion from a satirist, a war monger, a general, and a pragmatist. True to form the ultimate consensus was not difficult to discern. When Bill Maher asked if Americans are not always scared of the wrong thing, the ultimate answer was clear. He previously presented the threat Ebola had on the world based on the President and others’ statements. General Anthony Zinni ultimately agreed and said that while ISIS … [Read more...]

Bill Maher chastises gullible America for missing the real enemy (VIDEO)

Bill Maher ISIS Monsanto

Bill Maher in his rather harsh piece chastises Americans for their gullibility. He expresses the frustration of many who realize that Americans once again are being conned into war. One only hopes that the repetition will work. Many with a platform are starting  to speak up. The mistakes of the past can be abated if we spread the light. Light is the best disinfectant. Bill Maher starts his skit graphic enough. “When it comes to being baited into war,” Bill Maher said. “America has to try a little harder to not be so f*cking easy.” Bill Maher goes ballistic on Americans’ gullibility Just a few months ago, polls show Americans were sick of war. They had enough. They were anxious to stay out of the Middle East. Then they saw two beheadings and overnight they were like, oh war , we can’t stay mad at you. … You know conservatives love to vilify anyone who doesn’t want to immediately throw down as appeasers. But when you are dealing with terrorists, whose aim is to bait us into overreaction, and you … [Read more...]

Bill Maher on giving $3 Billion to Israel – We cannot afford this sh$t anymore

Bill Maher,Israel, We cannot afford this shit

Bill Maher gets it mostly right but he is a bit behind on the news Earlier this week a staunch supporter of Israel, Joe Scarborough, called out Israel for its indiscriminate killing in Gaza. Bill Maher, another staunch supporter of Israel, is ready to let Israel take care of its own military endeavors. “Not only did Republicans block the immigration law,” Bill Maher said. “They blocked aid for wildfire relief out here in the West because they said it would add to the deficit. And I couldn’t help but noticing that we give Israel $3 Billion a year. And we pay three quarters of the tab for NATO who is supposedly fighting Putin. You know what? Putin is Europe’s problem. Israel can take off the training wheels. We’ve got Guatemalan kids and Ebola on our border. We just can’t afford this shit anymore” What Bill Maher forgot to mention was that this week Congress voted to send $225 million more to Israel to restock its Iron Dome yet cannot invest in keeping America's long term unemployed afloat with   … [Read more...]

Bill Maher calls out Tea Party ‘I am scared of the cops and I’m White’

Bill Maher Tea Party

Bill Maher slams Tea Party’s hypocritical silence on a militarized police Bill Maher called out Conservatives and the Tea Party on New Rules. “Is anybody here tonight ever heard of Doraville, Georgia?” Bill Maher asked. “Me neither. But it is a town of 8,000 people and they have their own tank. So does Nixon Missouri and Justice Illinois. What these small towns and hundreds like them have in common is that they and big cities too have been gifted by the pentagon with tons of government surplus war equipment fresh from our glorious victories in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now I understand it is a dangerous world out there and threats change. … We all know what it is like when you get a new toy. You want to use it. … In West Springfield Massachusetts, the police department’s new toy is two grenade launchers. Why? In case Boko Haram take Connecticut?” Bill Maher is not being funny here. According to the New York Times, During the Obama administration, according to Pentagon data, police departments have received … [Read more...]

Bill Maher slams Republicans for perennial lying – Zombie Lies

Bill Maher Zombie Lies Republican

Bill Maher coins new term for GOP misinformation, Zombie Lies Bill Maher’s New Rules was an excellent take down of the lying industrial complex. He laid out in detail the manner in which irrespective of evidence Republicans blatantly lie about issue after issue seemingly without any consequence. Bill Maher noted that all the lies about Obamacare have been disproven. The lies about Iraq have as well. Yet, in the closed echo chamber in much of today’s Republican Party, reality does not seem to matter. Bill Maher final New Rules follow. Now that there has been an uproar over all the neocons who lied about the Iraq War with no consequences someone must tell me why there isn’t a similar uproar over all the Republicans who lied about Obamacare with no consequences. It’s been four years since the bill passed. Has anybody come across even one death panel? Look, I get it. Neither party has a monopoly on lying. And in fact they all do it so often they invented their own word for it. I misspoke.  .. But how … [Read more...]