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We had a spirited Vice-Presidential debate between Vice-President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan. It was clear that Vice-President Biden had the upper hand. The Reuters/Ipsos poll polled it at 45/37 for the Vice-President. Inasmuch as the CNN poll had it at 48/44 for Ryan they admitted on air that it oversampled Republicans. CBS polled the debate at 50/31 for the Vice-President.

This debate was much more substantive than the presidential debate. Vice-President Biden was successful in delineating the differences between the two candidates. The President and Vice-President believe that government has a role in improving the lives of those in the working middle class while Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan believe in the Ayn Rand approach to society.

I have written several blogs on these issues and want to discuss them with you on the show. Let’s start with the debate. We will then follow with the dangers that a Romney Administration would present to America.

Following are a list of my blogs that will be probative.

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