March 30, 2015

The best All you need to know about YouTube Content ID I have found

YouTube Content ID

All you need to know about YouTube Content ID The YouTube Content ID system is not the easiest system to understand. I have been scouring the Internet for some direction. Today I got a YouTube Content ID match that scared me till I realized it was not a Copyright Strike that would have diminished my account. What I found was the above video by Jonathan Paula titled “YouTube Content ID -- What You Need To Know (And How To Fix It). As one of the few (only?) professional YouTubers who deals with fair-use issues, *and* runs his own multi-channel network, Jon goes in-depth to carefully explain all of the nuances of YouTube's notorious "Content ID" system... explaining why the recent changes on YouTube have nothing to do with a change in any copyright policies, why gamers aren't the only ones affected, how best to deal with the system, and most importantly: what single fix could correct the entire system instantly. The video is informative and will like you prevent YouTube Content ID fears that many … [Read more...]

This is how I got my Google AdSense account back – Account Disabled for invalid click activity

Google Adsense Account Disabled For Invalid Click Activity

How I got back my Google AdSense Account Disabled for Invalid Click Activity I lost my Google AdSense account several years ago for invalid click activity. I got the following Google AdSense message. Account Disabled Your AdSense account for this login is currently disabled. We recommend checking your email inboxes for any messages we may have sent you regarding your account status. Sometimes our messages can be caught by email filters, so please be sure to check the Bulk/Spam folders of your email accounts as well. If your account was disabled for invalid click activity, please visit our Disabled Account FAQ for more information. Return to AdSense home. It was no direct fault of my own. In fact I believe I was sabotaged by a friend. I think he may have done something -- I do not know what -- to generate invalid clicks simply to screw my new options in business. There are a lot of folks making money online claiming they can help you get your Google AdSense account back. The reality is if … [Read more...]

What if you wanted to build where you are not always?


Have you ever thought about building are buying a place somewhere where you know you will not be at the entire year. Let say you wanted a place in an exotic place like Malta. You would need a property management malta type organization to assist. Or for that matter you would need a reputable organization that is fearless in managing, renovating, or maintaining said property. Lo and behold it is something that afflicts just a few. Is a condominium in your future? Is a nice apartment in a skyscraper overseas in your future? It is definitely a choice one must make in not a very light manner. As a travelling political activist, one would do well keeping tabs. … [Read more...]

Ballroom Dancing and Dance Classes

Are you looking for ballroom dance lessons? If you are looking for ballroom dance classes then Inspiration2Dance.com is the place to visit. At this site one can view setup group classes, private lessons, corporate events. wedding planning, and much more. Whether you are a beginner wanting to more experience or whether you are contemplating competing, you will have all the recourse necessary to achieve your goals. Small groups can learn together to dance in sync for special events. Want to have a birthday skit? They have the answer. Want that corporate skit that people will be talking about for years? They have the answer. So try them.     … [Read more...]

2013 Discount Shopping

Are you looking for discounts? You can find various discount shopping deals 2013 at these guys’  website with their listings of great discount coupons that include promotion codes and many other deals for various online stores and a myriad of services. The folks list every day hundreds of new wonderful deals, a ton of promo codes, and an inordinate amount of special offers, allowing you to purchase a list of great products from many of the stores you already trust at very cheap prices. What do you have to lose. Do you want laptop computer deals? They' have it. Do you want discount PC components? They have it. They have just about every component or product  you may want. It is imperative that when you want to buy something, you first check these guys’ website first to get the latest group of discount codes for that merchant, and save on your purchase. When you have time to browse, it is important that you check out the hot deals for some of the most amazing discounts you will find anywhere on … [Read more...]

Free Mail And Online Samples And Freebies

Times are hard. We all know that. We hear every day that the buying power of Americans is not what it use to be. Well that can be solved easily. That can be solved by taking advantage of all options available to get a deal. And how do you get a deal? You make a deal, And what kind of deal can you make? Well it is not exactly a deal. We are talking about 2013 free samples for all kinds of products. All kinds of products mean exactly that; all kinds off products. You get the best free stuff online. You get stuff like baby stuff, books, car stuff, clothes, health stuff and a lot more. If that is not enough, does music, movies, and perfume ring your bell? Of course it does and of course these are included as well.  So check out their new free apps for iPhone. You simply will not go wrong. It will give you the option to all these things wherever you are. So click on the links and start enjoying all the free stuff you can possibly get. You deserve it. So folks, the freebies are beginning to reign and you are … [Read more...]

Give DealDash A Try


DealDash Ranks as number 1 most talked about brand in the world on Facebook is site you must try. These are numbers up to May 2013. So do you want to know About DealDash? These guys were established in 2009 and is the longest operating site of its kind in the United States. They have more than 800 auctions sold per day and provide free Shipping on All items. So How DealDash Works? They have Buy it Now and get your bids back - in case you lose the auction and you can buy the item at its normal price and get back all the bids used in the auction for free! There are no Jumper Auctions as such only bidders that placed a bid in the beginning of the auction can participate so there are less bidders involved and more chances to win. They have frequent Bid Sales with a 100% Money Back Guarantee on first purchase. Of course they provide Live Chat Customer Support and are VeriSign Trusted & McAfee Secure 10. They have over 1.1 million Facebook Likes. There is no doubt that you will find this site to your … [Read more...]

In The Mood To Get Herbal

Guest post by Fred F Take a trip to Herbal City LLC. It's a small step for man and a giant leap for mind. Jump in brain first at http://HerbalCity.com. It's a portal to a wider universe that's perfectly legal in 50 states. psychedelic herbal smoke is what it's all about, man. Strawberry fields is a psychedelic smoke that will make sure nothing is real. The walrus was Paul, but strawberry fields contain fly argaric mushroom extract, plus other highly potent ingredients that would love to turn you on. It’s a limited supply of a completely original blend. It’s 100% natural too. The nightlife aroma poppers utilize the sense of smell within a sensually energizing experience. This pwd popper is for real and can add feelings of euphoria and desire to any evening party or encounter. try the hardware, Amsterdam, or blue boy poppers for the real experience. Take a little trip with purple haze natural herbal tea product. It’s a groovy grape flavor. Steep the tea to the desired potency and get ready to kiss the sky. … [Read more...]

Samples, Samples, Samples


Samples, Samples, Samples. Are you looking for free samples. We all know that anything you can get for free is not necessarily worth it. As such it is imperative that you know what site to attempt to get from . Well we were made  aware of All-Free-Samples.com. It is a place that give you options. So if you want free samples by mail, online freebies, & free stuff, then this is the right place. So it is 2013 so free samples 2013 is always going to be your option. So why is it that you will either consider waiting. Why will you not go there now. It is evident that at this point in time, at this point in your life you should and you should do it rightfully now. So what about the idea of your own beauty. What about doing what is  necessary to get beauty samples. There are many option that you have in being able to get the type of product to get in orfertoo perfect your own victory in a manner in which you perceive it to be. So folks, go ahead and try this site out  and have fun with it. Ig … [Read more...]

Stubbs Law Firm


Do you have a business and want to add a value to it in such a manner that you know net values or have the ability to sell? Do you want to know how to set up a business of any type to ensure that you are able t do as you please relative to said business. Do you have children or family that you want to put into an estate? Do you want to create an estate? It is interesting that these are things that we are currently doing at this point in time. If for some reason you want to ensure that an estate created is properly structured, then it is necessary to do it correctly. If you want to create a will, you want to ensure that the will is setup to prevent probate. You want to ensure that the will is tight. You want to ensure it is done  with  fine tooth comb. Stubbs Law Firm LLC is the Business Lawyer and the only firm you will need to accomplish the above mentioned tasks and many more. It is imperative that you check them out to see if they can be of service to you. I am sure you will not regret attempting … [Read more...]