January 26, 2015

Do not generalize lest you really miss the message and the truth


A nation of generalizations Police did not kill Michael Brown. One policeman did. Black people did not burn down buildings in Ferguson, Mo. A few idiots did. It is our sad nature to assign the acts of one, or of a few, to the many (see: Islam) and that's one reason why we appear to be going nowhere when it comes to racial harmony in this country. The other day while police escorted students from Denver East High School in a peaceful protest over events in Ferguson and Queens, N.Y., a motorist inadvertently slammed into four officers, critically injuring one. Police asserted that a few students cheered the accident. Denver Post reporters on the scene said they heard nothing of the sort. Nonetheless, Fox News reported, "Denver high school students protesting recent civilian deaths involving police chanted "Hit him again!" Whatever the case, by all reports, most of the students – of many colors -- behaved just as peaceful protesters should. They were aghast. What happened in Denver and … [Read more...]

Not voting because they’re all the same? Democrats & Republicans differences stark.

Republican Democratic Democrats Vote Voting

John Young's article below is a must read. Many convince themselves that the Democrats and the Republicans are all the same. Many use that excuse to not exercise their civic duty, voting. Why voting for the right candidates matter Funny but more true than not Many times the same folks that complain about an intransigent and obstructionist government are the same ones that stay home. Texas and Colorado are stark examples of a non-voting plurality that will have an impact on the outcome. Unless they engage they will be partly responsible for many of their fellow citizens going without healthcare, financial security, pay equity between women and men, and much more. Never a more stark difference Posted: 28 Oct 2014 10:23 AM PDT The dictionary has nothing more extreme than "extreme." No "extremer." No "extremest." So "State Sen. Dan Patrick" will have to suffice, if you're talking extreme politics, as opposed to extreme cold, extreme heat or extreme disinterest. Sadly, despite the fact that … [Read more...]

‘Twould be lovely to whitewash history by John Young

Whitewashing History

Whitewashing American History? A controlling school-board clique seeks to sanitize the teaching of American history — scrub away unsightly blemishes like racial oppression and women's liberation. Should be a piece of cake, right? Sure, except that the students find out about it and voice their outrage loudly. Result: The national media pays attention. The clique has cake on its face, wide eyes poking out through white frosting. What? Who knew students wanted to think, and not be spoon-fed empty educational calories? Indeed. Machinations by a slate of conservative schemers on the Jefferson County School Board in Denver's suburbs have caused this. And it's not just a few students. It's hundreds. And the walkouts haven't just involved uppity high-schoolers. Middle-schoolers have walked out, too. They have two demands that are worth the fight: (1) We want history classes based on true history; (2) We want policy makers to treat our teachers with respect. Most school boards are populated by … [Read more...]

Look behind the mask this Halloween by Alison Goodwin

Alison Goodwin

LOOK BEHIND THE MASK THIS HALLOWEEN by Alison Goodwin Halloween season is upon us again and, being the beginning of October, I had the pleasure of attending to my family’s bi-weekly grocery shopping at Walmart.  I walked through the double doors, cart in hand, immediately greeted by all the Halloween-themed candy bins, party-items, and other accoutrements marked for consumption. As I made my way to the dairy aisle, I almost wrecked into another shopper who had apparently forgotten the rules regarding right-of-way.  As we nearly avoided collision, I looked into the eyes of the person who had the nerve to divert me from my eggs and milk.  I saw that she was a young mother, hair hanging in her eyes, frantically trying to keep a young child close to her legs and a toddler firmly seated in the cart, while still navigating the corner. “Excuse me.  Sorry.”  She looked down as if embarrassed.  I said, “No worries,” and kept going, a bit astonished.  A strange thing had occurred.  When I looked into her … [Read more...]

2014: D’Souza’s “America” Widens Partisan Divide

Bryan Henry - Dinesh D'Souza

by Bryan Henry Bryan Henry's Analysis of Dinesh D’Souza's "America: Imagine the World Without Her" Dinesh D’Souza, the influential conservative political commentator, respected Christian apologist and director of the documentary "2016: Obama’s America," was in Houston last weekend for the premiere of his new film, "America: Imagine the World Without Her," which opened nationwide Wednesday. The film is an adaptation of D'Souza's latest book by the same title, and the main argument advanced by both is this: Liberals and progressives are deliberately undermining American greatness by promoting an anti-American interpretation of history and using government to weaken America’s economic prosperity at home and diplomatic influence abroad. D’Souza is quite explicit in making this claim. He writes in the book that “decline…has become a policy objective,” and that “progressivism is the ideology of American suicide.” While it is certainly true that many Americans feel anxious about the future of the U.S. in the … [Read more...]

Obama Meets With President Park Geun-Hye to Honor Ferry Victims

president obama park geun-hye south korea

Presidents Obama and Geun-Hye The South Korean ferry incident that occurred on April 16th has been all but hopeful. The ferry, called the Sewol, flipped over and sunk into the icy waters of the yellow sea, leaving no survivors behind. The ferry was carrying 476 people on board, most of them students that were from a high school near the capital of Seoul. President Barack Obama, while visiting Seoul this Friday to pay homage to American military service, also paid tribute to the individuals who lost their lives aboard the Sewol: “I’m very mindful that my visit comes at a time of mourning for the people of this nation,” Obama told the South Korean and U.S delegates. “As allies but also friends, we join you in mourning the missing, and especially the young people.” Obama, alongside South Korean President Park Geun-Hye, proposed a moment of silence to honor the men and women who lost their lives in the ferry incident. An American flag was offered to Park in a sign of sympathy for the loss of ““so … [Read more...]

Stan Merriman: Ukraine – Geopolitical Chess

Stan Merriman Ukraine

By Stan Merriman Originally published at Pitchforks & Populists Monday, March 3rd, 2014. Some sentimentalists have been characterizing the Ukraine crisis as a popular revNot so fast.  This situation requires some careful analysis, not platitudes.  Hear that CNN and mainstream media? Probably not. I'm reading as much non-mainstream press as I can to wrap my head around this very complex situation and to try to understand our role therein.  I'm sharing some of the thinking of two journalists:  Pepe Escobar of Asian Times and Brendon O'neill of Spiked. Ukraine I think through them I'm better understanding what is really going on here. Escobar explains that some of the chess game going on here is the contract Russia has with Crimea, a semi-autonomous, self governing region tied to Ukraine.  That contract allows the Russian Black Sea fleet port services until 2042.  Guess where one of the destinations of that port is?  Syria. NATO would love to get the Russian fleet outta there for Syria reasons … [Read more...]

Lies, Damned Lies, Hypocrisies, & Consequences by Terry Broussard

Terry Broussard

A senator appears on a Sunday morning talk show and states that not only did his party not shut down the government but that he voted to keep the government open, apparently unaware that a modern convenience called “video of previous statements” existed in which he called the shutdown a great success. A party which has built its reputation on “family values”, “fiscal austerity”, “small government” and “law & order” remains eerily silent as candidates and office holders are accused of extramarital affairs, criminal activity, fiscal profligacy and rampant government expansion. And yet they are not alone. Despite the evidence demonstrated by financial scandals a decade earlier, a democratic president, having ridden into office on a catchphrase of “I feel your pain” lays the foundation for enormous individual and corporate pain due to the repeal of Glass Steagall legislation, laying the foundation for the apocalyptic financial collapse to come. Today, the very president awarded a Nobel Peace Prize within … [Read more...]

John Young Column: Disagree with military brass? How dare he?

John Young

Journalist John Young It is very interesting that many thoughtful journalists have come to the same conclusion. Ex-secretary of defense admired President Bush for not given a second thought to the Iraq War. He was less than complimentary to President Obama for  wanting to get out of Iraq and for not trusting the military industrial complex. Thoughtful observers should admire  the restraint of any president that questions the military brass. Bill Maher also had a rather interesting take on this as well here. Disagree with military brass? How dare he? From the moment Lloyd Bentsen uttered it, none could disagree with his televised jab that Dan Quayle was "no Jack Kennedy." Few remember, however, that in ascending to the presidency, Jack Kennedy had his own damning comparison. He was no Dwight Eisenhower. It took a disaster at the Bay of Pigs, and then resolve in the Cuban Missile Crisis, for Kennedy to find his inner Eisenhower. Ironically, a big part of being "like Ike" was having the fortitude … [Read more...]

John Young Knows Chris Christie May Not Want To Meet The Thirders

John Young

John Young created a new  term to define a faction of Republicans that is worth noting. They are the ‘Thirders.’ His piece below details the Chris Christie dilemma. It is worth the read. Chris Christie, meet the Thirders Monday, November 18, 2013    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is thinking about the Republican presidential nomination. Then again, considering a particular segment of the electorate whose embrace he'll need to get it, he'd best think twice. I speak of the Thirders, a hard-right bloc from whom a bloke like Christie is — let's be honest — irreconcilably different. And until further notice, that group, and not people like Christie, will call the plays for the GOP. No one else has identified this political faction by that name: the Thirders. The term occurred to me a while back when it became apparent that based on any number of polls, one of three Americans could be led to believe anything at all about Barack Obama. At the time, that margin of Americans polled said they … [Read more...]