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What an eventful week! Speaker Boehner promises a vote on his Plan B and is unable to find the votes in his own caucus. Most GOP politicians remain silent on any actions that should be taken to regulate guns in the country after the cold blooded killings of our innocent children in the Connecticut elementary school.

One of their masters, Wayne Lapierre, leader of the NRA, provides a belligerent press conference absolving the NRA of any responsibility. He does this inasmuch as his purchase and command of politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, has created a combat and predatory climate with the excessive availability of guns of all types.

Blue Dog Democrats seem to be becoming emboldened as the Right is beginning to fracture. This is not good for the country as it makes the country difficult to govern at best and ungovernable at worse.

Let us talk about these issues. Give me a call or listen in.

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