Snowed Snowden Snowed Greenwald On His Voyage To Treason (VIDEO)

Edward Snowden Glen Greenwald

Many lefties have been jumping onto the Snowden bandwagon without any thought that this is a setup using someone’s own vanity against them. Make no mistake, I  am a proud lefty Liberal as we are the ones responsible for an American middle  class and expanded access to equality for all (I include both Liberal  Republicans, […]

War Hawks Pressuring President Obama Into Syrian Civil War (VIDEO)


President Obama has authorized sending weapons to the Syrian rebels. In other words, the United States has officially entered the Syrian Civil War. It seems that the United States has never found a visible conflict its defense industrial complex was not ready to serve. While it is well known that the president said if Syrian […]

Today’s Rant: Obama’s Term Must Fix Tax Structure To Solve Wealth & Income Inequality (VIDEO)


CNN PRODUCER NOTE EWillies1961 told me, ‘The reality is none of the other issues matter if the decline of the middle class continues. If the decline of the middle class continues immigration is not a problem because no one would want to come here. Gun control won’t matter because the government will be forced to […]

Today’s Rant: Lance Armstrong Was Wrong But Of No Consequence – Get Cheaters That Affect Us All


Our system is very interesting. We are ready to take down athletes that are steroids. We are ready to take down those that have so very little influence on our lives. Yet those that materially affect us like the political class and the titans of finance continue to get our reverence even as many times […]