March 30, 2015

Middle Class Revival Demands All Workers Be In A Union (VIDEO)

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Unions A Must For Middle Class CNN PRODUCER NOTE     EWillies1961 is a self-employed software developer in Kingwood, Texas. He says all employees not considered management -- including engineers, garbage collectors, lawyers, and doctors -- should organize in unions. "We have two ways of making money in this country. One is capital, which is profit from somebody else's labor or product. The other is from the labor and product you provide. Currently the folks that sit on their butts moving money and manipulating capital get the lion's share of America's wealth and income. The worker get the crumbs they deem ok to let fall to the ground.'  Go here to learn more about Morgan Spurlock's Inside Man show. - dsashin, CNN iReport producer CNN Inside Man Morgan Spurlock presented one of the most objective and unbiased reports I have seen to date on unions. The report correctly state that the American middle class prospered with the advent of the union. Conversely the American middle class has been … [Read more...]

Snowed Snowden Snowed Greenwald On His Voyage To Treason (VIDEO)

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Many lefties have been jumping onto the Snowden bandwagon without any thought that this is a setup using someone's own vanity against them. Make no mistake, I  am a proud lefty Liberal as we are the ones responsible for an American middle  class and expanded access to equality for all (I include both Liberal  Republicans, Liberal Democrats, and Liberal others.) After seeing Snowden for the first time I was extremely doubtful of him, not that the surveillance program isn't real, -- hell, we knew  this since 2006 -- but the messenger and the statements he was making were  problematic. I am a software developer and knew immediately part of his statement showed a severe lack of actual software knowledge. Are our civil rights being violated? Absolutely. Is it the same as under Bush? Absolutely not since now two branches of the government effect the decisions with the third being informed. The problem is we have a Plutocracy where government is responsive to the military and security industrial complex and … [Read more...]

War Hawks Pressuring President Obama Into Syrian Civil War (VIDEO)


President Obama has authorized sending weapons to the Syrian rebels. In other words, the United States has officially entered the Syrian Civil War. It seems that the United States has never found a visible conflict its defense industrial complex was not ready to serve. While it is well known that the president said if Syrian President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons on his people it would be a red line, that did not necessitate or require military involvement. According to NPR over 93,000 have been killed by conventional means while 100 to 150 by a supposed chemical attack. The reality is that America could never be sure if that chemical attack was by the government or by a plant in the opposition. If this seems familiar it is because it is. America’s path to the ill-conceived war in Iraq began similarly, use or potential use of weapons of mass destruction. The war industrial complex using the government and a complicit media is attempting to take America into war. The same thing has begun again. … [Read more...]

Today’s Rant: Obama’s Term Must Fix Tax Structure To Solve Wealth & Income Inequality (VIDEO)


CNN PRODUCER NOTE EWillies1961 told me, 'The reality is none of the other issues matter if the decline of the middle class continues. If the decline of the middle class continues immigration is not a problem because no one would want to come here. Gun control won’t matter because the government will be forced to remove guns from a people with nothing else to lose. This is evident in many third world countries with this type of disparity with a population that has nothing to lose. Education won’t matter as there would be no reason to be educated without a job that lifts or keeps one in the middle class.' - hhanks, CNN iReport producer While many have not shown enough degrees of freedom in their thinking to see why the Affordable Care Act was a must. Just as Social Security and Medicare are revered, so will Obamacare. One can still remember the uninformed signs from the Right telling the Big Bad Government to get out of their Medicare. President Obama should find a way to ensure that the tax system no … [Read more...]

Today’s Rant: Lance Armstrong Was Wrong But Of No Consequence – Get Cheaters That Affect Us All


Our system is very interesting. We are ready to take down athletes that are steroids. We are ready to take down those that have so very little influence on our lives. Yet those that materially affect us like the political class and the titans of finance continue to get our reverence even as many times there path to success was via legal cheating. A few things to ponder, getting caught with marijuana can destroy one’s future going forward while being found drunk has no real consequences. Getting caught with crack vs cocaine (same substance) have vastly different penalties. While this may seem out of place for this post, these types of rules that materially affect lives are constant throughout our society including in athletics and that they are sometimes maliciously arbitrary should concern us more. LIKE My Facebook Page Follow @EgbertoWillies … [Read more...]

I Am America: Entrepreneur Egberto Willies – In America – CNN.com Blogs


  I Am America: Entrepreneur Egberto Willies Egberto Willies lives in Kingwood, Texas and is a naturalized U.S. citizen from Panama. He is Black, Hispanic and Caribbean. He is also a husband, a father and political activist who says he believes and lives the American dream. What makes you American? Check out Egberto's story and see other "I Am America" posts on iReport. I Am America: Entrepreneur Egberto Willies – In America - CNN.com Blogs … [Read more...]

My Daughter Ashley Willies Was Featured on CNN/HLN Series “I Am America”


The HLN Piece Aired This Morning My daughter submitted an iReport for the “I Am America” series at CNN. She Skyped me up from Austin and said “Daaaad, guess what. CNN just emailed me and said they wanted to interview me for the iReport submission I made. What should I do?” I said “Duh, do the interview!” She was a bit nervous. She had some problems scheduling time between her classes but ran back to her apartment a few minutes before the call. She Skyped me just before the call and ask me if she needed to wear anything special. Asking me a question like that is like a model asking a hobo how to dress. I told her I don’t know, just wear clothes, like whatever you have on. After the interview she skyped back and said she was a little nervous but it went well. She said they asked her to submit some picture and videos. I think she did a wonderful job. And  that is an unbiased opinion. Her Submission to iReport LIKE My Facebook Page – Visit My Blog: EgbertoWillies.com Follow … [Read more...]

2012 Electoral Predictions Made 07/02/2011 – What Do You Think


This is a prediction and bet Evan Carroll & I discussed at Starbucks. It's public now buddy. Let's see who comes closer. In the mean time we must not allow the Right to conflate unfettered Capitalism with Free Enterprise. Unfettered Capitalism is killing innovation, the middle class, and the individual from succeeding. Mitt Romney is the poster boy for the outcomes of unfettered Capitalism. He makes all the gains from packaging and selling companies. Whether they gain employees or lose employees, he profits. I go through this type of stuff in an easy to read format in my book http://amzn.to/dt72c7. We need the electorate to not fall for the trick coming from the pilferers of the middle class that will have them vote against their own interest. Many Liberals, Independents, Disaffected Republicans, and others are apathetic.My statement to you is to grow up and fight. Our plutocracy will not shrink from one’s silence or refusal to engage. We must accept that this misbehaving government that has … [Read more...]

Racist Atlanta Teachers Giving Racist Homework Must Be Fired


Many times people are unfairly called racist for a Freudian slip or an ignorant statement. I believe we all have some prejudice in us mostly based on ignorance of those we do not know and sometimes because of some innate carnal response that may be built in. That said, as intelligent American citizens living together since the 60s we all know each other either directly or through simply our intermingling existence whether actual, virtual, or through some other avenue. It is for this reason that the homework given to third grade students at Atlanta area Beaver Ridge Elementary School is evil. Providing students with matter of fact math problems with slavery acts is unforgiveable and any teacher doing this is not fit to teach kids. The negative effect on a kid’s rather fragile psyche is difficult to overcome. Having this message coming from teachers, the symbols of authority for these kids makes it even worst. From New York Daily News One word problem said, "Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight … [Read more...]

Republican Debate On NBC – Ineffective Questioning–Unpatriotic Policies


Many complain about the Republican Debates being the same thing over and over again. This must be attributed to the ineptitude of the questioning. There are systemic structural defects in our economy. No one on the stage except for Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman seem to understand them. Unfortunately as conservatives their solutions to some extent is continued laissez faire capitalism more so with Paul that Huntsman. I am waiting for journalist to do their homework, bring charts and force these Republicans to answer why they believe given the irrefutable evidence; their policies which have caused the demised of the middle class proportional to their implementation would magically work. It has not and it won’t. I have written a book (“As I See It: Class Warfare The Only Resort To Right Wing Doom”) why these policies have failed and why the middle class was damaged. Many more schooled economists and Americans have done so as well from many viewpoints. Unfortunately very little traction is given to these viewpoints … [Read more...]