Tuesday Kahl Makes Kale Chips

kale chips

Tuesday Kahl is holding to her promise. She is making vegan dishes and blogging each one. My daughter loves making kale chips as well. When she makes them we tear them up.  The question is, will Tuesday have any more tasty dishes with The Paderno Spiralizer. I hope so. I need some convincing before I […]

Linda Willies’ Cornbread Dressing (Cornbread Stuffing) (VIDEO)

Linda Willies Cornbread Dressing Cornbread Stuffing

Linda Willies’ Soul Cornbread Dressing / Cornbread Stuffing with Touch Of Panamá? I woke up Thanksgiving morning to a smell in the house to die for. My wife was making her bi-yearly cornbread dressing. She makes it for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve been trying to get her to do some cooking on camera for some […]

Carrot Biscuits, A healthy Use Of Carrot Grounds From My Juicer


My New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier this year. This means less potato chips, less chocolate candy (ouch), and less cookies. I am not giving up on bread and peanut butter though. Anyway, yesterday I juiced enough carrots to make almost a half-gallon of carrot juice. You would not imagine the amount of carrot […]

My Experimental Pasta Salad Quiche


My wife made a tasty pasta salad for our Kingwood Area Democrats Celebration of the re-election of President Barack Obama. I took some of the left overs and created my version of a PASTA QUICHE. I did no measuring. I simply took the pasta salad out of the fridge. Beat two eggs with salt, black […]